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    Who has and hasnt been banned from Destiny 2?

    Who has and hasnt been banned from Destiny 2?
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    E3 2017

    Whos going? Registration is now open to the public btw!
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    Overwatch free weekend!!! GO RONINS GO

    Overwatch is free this weekend take advantage!!! Overwatch is also 40% off!!!
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    Overwatch would look really cool if it had a 3rd person

    Just look at that mercy skin!
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    Overwatch - Mei tips: 60 seconds left on Hanamura defence

    It's general knowledge that Mei's wall is used when Reinhardt's shield has or is about to drop however keep inmind how many seconds are left on the clock. In the following clip we see a perfectly time'd wall placement stopping an Ana boosted Reinhardt from doing work. Sorry in advance for the...
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    As a Mei player I'm ashamed i never thought of this...
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    Overwatch Season 2 "Autumn" Has begun!

    How well did you guys do in placements and what was your final rank?
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    Overwatch: Season 1 Competative end

    Blizzard just ended season1! and their carear points have been distributed How far did you guys get? me:
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    When Your 6th leaves in Overwatch...

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    Does anyone use OSU to warm up?

    If so what songs do you play? Been playing more widowmaker on Overwatch and need something that will help my quick flicks Context:
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    Overwatch Reddit: The awkward Death of Dank Memes

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    Each 3rd party distributor of Nvidia GTX 1080 has their own part number

    After a quick check on different sites i noticed each 3rd party: msi, evga pny etc all have their own part number for 1080. So im speculating each of the 3rd party's will have a founders editions distributed and manufactured by them. For example we would get an evga manufactured 1080 founders...
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    Koreans Have dominated Starcraft and League of Legends, will they be conquering Overwatch as well???
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    L's Prospectrive 2016 computer 1070 edition

    So if you guys cant tell from my recent post about video cards im looking for some form of upgrade. After talking to fuzion i started messing with builds online. Note im not an overclocker but i want this build to last me years...
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    Discussion: Wait or buy Videocards?

    Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my ASUS ROG 5870 Video card i bought 6~ years ago, and with the announcement of the new 1080 and 1070 cards, Card prices be dropping. The EVGA 970 just dropped in price from $329~ to $255 (micro center) and im hella tempted to walk over to frys and pricematch that...
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    This is heart wrenching (CSGO)

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    eVGA vs PNY

    Hello Friends So theres a pny gtx 980 sitting in storage at work that i want to buy off my boss. Just curious between the difference in the branding eVGA and PNY and all the other mfg's? vs...
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