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  1. civil servant

    Fan Tribute - BF4 - Check it out

    She has some other game tributes that are worth checking out on her youtube channel. She also has a cool gamer girl tribute song. :dolan:
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    Got Beer?

  3. civil servant

    Neil Patrick Harris dreams in puppet...

    So, uhhh...yeah. I came across The Nerdist channel on youtubes and got sorta hooked on this series about Neil Patrick Harris and his dreams which are basically puppet dreams and are kinda crazy and really weird. Yeah. So I like it. Because it's kinda crazy and really weird. Anyhoo, here's a...
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    The Lamest Guy Ever!!!

    According to JAMIE LEE CURTIS TAETE over at it is none other than...drumroll please... Steven Seagal :eek: And he makes a hell of a case. This alone did it for me: Remember:
  5. civil servant

    SDM seeks lonely xbox360 Live Gold card for possible LTR

    Anybody know of any killer and/or todiefor deals for 12 month and/or 1 year xbox gold live prescription? No man, to YOU it's a subscription but for me it is a PRESCRIPTION because I might die without it! Okay? Glad we cleared that up. Anyway...Do ya? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Buuueller...
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    WoW movie 2015 release?,news-17075.html
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    Can you spot the feature...

    Can you spot the feature that makes this the ideal desktop setup for civil? Need a hint? It isn't the legroom. Okay, maybe it's not actually "ideal" since I see a lot of room for improvement but this setup has a solid foundation for a durned good start! durpdurp durpity durp Get ye behind...
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    Happy Pi Day!

    Here's to getting a round, having a round, and just one more round. Circular humor makes me feel hole.
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    FREE! Download 700 absolutely FREE Marvel Comics NOW! FREE!

    Requires ComiXology Comics app for iOS or Android. Offer ends 11pm ET 03/12/2013 so Hurry Hurry Hurry!. Many many (no not Manny Manny Prizes) many many 1st issues. You can check the list of what's available here (yeah right. good luck NOT getting the dreaded "server error"). Aaaand of course...
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    Rugby: Much more interesting than Cricket
  11. civil servant

    The Matrix! 60 second stick figure animated feat-ette Thanks Kotaku! Pretty sweet!
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    Are you a Warrior?

  13. civil servant

    Who has the most guns...

    per capita. I really like the fact that Switzerland ranks right up there with the big boys. Imho, these facts alone support gun ownership in America.
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    Public service announcement!

    All you Twinkies need to grab your DingDongs and invite your HoHo's and head on sown for some cream filled goodness:
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    Zombies Apocalypse: Canada is prepared. Are we?

    Time to start thinking about migrating north? Surely USA has some plan in place for the coming zombie apocalypse. Right?
  16. civil servant

    Happy Birthday PhoKyu and Russell too.. This song put a tear in my eye. Happy Birthday, Brother.
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    Which image/video/file upload/share/host do you prefer and why?

    Mostly i'm wondering about host sites for images and videos. I've been using photobucket for a long time. Uploads are quick and allow for files from other websites as well as locally. Organization is simple. All files can be viewed on a single page. Some nice editing functions, though i think I...
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    Rejected SuperBowl ads - 213

    uhhh...that should read "2013" up there, yonder in the title. Aww...screw it. PornHub Not sure what the message is but that old couple seems to know how to keep the spark alive. SodaStream Ohhh, nice commercial but Coke and Pepsi are two of our biggest customers...
  19. civil servant

    This video shows why we knife in BF3... It's because I want to be looking in your eyes the very moment I bleed you and...oh hey look...I got your tags. Bitch!