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  1. kaM

    Destiny 2

    Anyone going to pick it up for PC?
  2. kaM

    InWin 303 Case

    This case is $89 and comes out in about a week. This is a nice case for anyone looking for a cheap, cool case. I'm personally picking one up just based on looks for a secondary system. That's a solid tempered glass side panel... and a sweet top mount for a radiator that goes sideways.
  3. kaM

    Name for a new repair shop

    So I've been in the computer repair business for 8 years now and in the next 6 months I'm going to launch my own shop/brand in an area that now has no big repair shops in an area of around 250,000 people and A LOT of big businesses. The shop I've been at for 3 years had a reputation 25 years...
  4. kaM

    Best thing to come from the NBA Draft

    I don't care for the NBA but this was my favorite thing I've seen yet
  5. kaM

    Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer E3 Game Play - Walker Assault

    Yes. Just yessss.
  6. kaM

    ESEA client spying on you

  7. kaM

    Can you get fiber internet installed to a cardboad box?

    Blargh. The house I was trying to get had a person beat me to it. They applied the day before they scheduled me to go look/sign papers. It's hard to find a damn place north of Seattle with a yard for the dogs that's fenced and doesn't cost over $2000 a damn month to rent. So, I'm thinking a...
  8. kaM

    NZXT Teaser

    They released a teaser for what looks like a new case. I hope for something like their H440 which is my fav case out.
  9. kaM

    What phone do you use?

    I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since about a week after release. Love the battery life and the 1440p screen is sexy.
  10. kaM

    I've got extra Heroes Of The Storm beta keys

    I've got a few extra hanging around. Let me know if you would like one.
  11. kaM

    Zeus only map

    I haven't made a map since my days back in 1.6 making surf maps. Seems the people on the server love the zeus and I got the idea to make a zeus only map for shits and giggles. I was thinking a maze-ish type of map with smaller, tighter areas to actually hit people in. Maybe multi level with...
  12. kaM

    Super Troopers 2 is happening

    They got their $2,000,000 crowd funded goal in less than 24 hours and it's still climbing. If this goes well from what I gathered from their Reddit post last night, Pot Fest (beer fest sequel) is next. This has me excited because I enjoy the movies the guys at Broken Lizard put out.
  13. kaM

    Approved kaM Application

    Name: Matt Age: 26 years, 1 month, 11 days old. Location: Seattle, WA In Game nickname/nicknames: kaM, maK Your favorite hobby: I'm a crazy PC enthusiast so I spend a lot of time modifying and building custom computers. Your favorite movie: This is a tough one, I'm a movie freak but I would have...
  14. kaM

    GTX Titan X

    I've been playing around with the sample Titan X I got in at work for about a week now. Been playing on a 4k 28" screen which looks amazing. 12GB of vram and a pretty beefy card so far. Might have to fork out the $1000 for a second card since these guys are scaling pretty good.
  15. kaM


    Hey guys I'm kaM and I've been spending most of my free time in the CS:GO Server. I'm 26 and from just north of Seattle, WA. I work in the IT field spending most of my days just fixing peoples broken junk. I randomly stop mid game because one of my 3 cats randomly flys across my desk. Yeah, I'm...