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  1. kazuo Kiriyama

    Laski's App to the 47Ronin

    damn! that's pretty cool.
  2. kazuo Kiriyama

    What are you playing now?

    Nothing right now. Looking to get back into gaming. Holy shit it has been awhile since I've been on here.
  3. kazuo Kiriyama

    The remaining east and west seeds

    I have never liked the Lakers, or clippers for that matter. If the lakers wind up with a top 3 pick from the draft, It will confirm the nba is rigged. The league never likes small market teams winning year after year. I think Memphis and Dallas have a good chance to make it!
  4. kazuo Kiriyama

    The remaining east and west seeds

    Who do you think will secure the remaining spots for the playoffs? I really want Dallas to make it, but the Suns and Memphis are both playing pretty well. Also think the knicks will make it?
  5. kazuo Kiriyama

    Approved TheBaconator APPLICATION OF APPROVAL

    welcome man, and good luck. Saving private ryan is a great movie.
  6. kazuo Kiriyama

    PINNED NBA 2013/2014 Season Discussion

    Yeah Refs tend to do that. I hope the Warriors make it out of the first round this year. I would rather the spurs play them over the rockets.
  7. kazuo Kiriyama

    Activity has increased greatly this year!

    Awesome to hear that. Hopefully when my new position starts up I will have more time to play!
  8. kazuo Kiriyama

    A very good question.

    That is possibly the worst song I have ever heard and now I contemplate taking my life because of it, thanks.
  9. kazuo Kiriyama

    yow guys

    Welcome and stick around!
  10. kazuo Kiriyama


    A Greetings from down in the south!
  11. kazuo Kiriyama

    JD^^'s Application

    Welcome and good luck! Seen ya on quite a bit, so that's good. Though, most would agree that I am the fairest of them all. hah Also I love basketball as well. No one else likes to talk nba with me in the social zone so come check it out!
  12. kazuo Kiriyama

    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition $0 at Nintendo

    I already downloaded it yesterday! hah
  13. kazuo Kiriyama

    PINNED NBA 2013/2014 Season Discussion

    So since we are about halfway through the season or so lets get your opinions! Though the spurs are going back and forth from 1st seed to 3rd, they have a few injuries to key pieces in their defense. Leonard, Green, Splitter. Though they should only be gone for a month, and it should only...
  14. kazuo Kiriyama

    Application for Recruitment ArmsDealer619

    Hey Been afk for the last month or two, due to life, but Congrats and Hope to see you in game!
  15. kazuo Kiriyama

    Application for Recruitment: Buddhist

    I suck at both Source and Go, though I tend to suck less at Source. I can typically kill Kami, about the same percentage as he gets me! And in the end, that is all that matters.
  16. kazuo Kiriyama

    Shaqtin' A Fool - The Best of the Worst of JaVale McGee

    This is where John Wall should be like, "I demand to be traded".
  17. kazuo Kiriyama

    What is the difference between women and men?

    Of course every girl on here is gonna say "IM DIFFERENTT IMZA GAMERZGIRL4LIFE" hah. Though I don't insult my friends like that and worship perversion, I think a lot of it is close.
  18. kazuo Kiriyama

    PINNED NBA 2013/2014 Season Discussion

    Blazers are a solid team this year. Glad they are making a comeback after so long.
  19. kazuo Kiriyama

    PINNED NBA 2013/2014 Season Discussion

    Also this is the farthest from the truth you can possibly be. A generic response to this is Jordan on the wizards and Lebron on the Cavs. Every single thing you do in this game in about teamwork. Passing, assists, screens. Now Baseball I could understand, but Basketball seriously? Amazing...
  20. kazuo Kiriyama

    PINNED NBA 2013/2014 Season Discussion

    Even though it is early in the season the west is already showing that they are the stronger conference. Rank-Name-Wins-Losses. 1. Pacers 8-0 E 2. Spurs 8-1 W 3. Trailblazers 6-2 W 4. Clippers 6-3 W 5. Goldenstate 6-3 W 6. Timberwolves 6-3 W 7. Thunder 5-3 W 8. Heat 5-3 E 9. Mavericks 5-3 W 10...