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  1. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Just got BF3

    So I just got BF3, and the install process was the most frustrating troubleshooting ever. 3 and a half hours to fix a Punkbuster problem. But the game is great. So much fun, except I REALLY HATE the sun glare effect. Its tough to get onto a good team where people work together, and play...
  2. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Let's Make Battlefield 4 Competitive!

    This would be very interesting. Rather than playing BF as if it was an arcade mode game, play it in a more realistic scenario using teamwork to complete the objective and win. Spread this and help persuade Dice to do it!
  3. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Day Z

    Somebody teach me how to play. I just played for 3 hours, died three times, found an Enfield, and then ran for another 2 hours through the forest and found no supplies, no zombies, and no players. The interface is AWFUL. I have no clue how to switch weapons, how to wield my hatchet...
  4. Psychedelic.Penguin

    My new car

    '06 WRX 118k miles. $12.7k Its really fun to drive, even though I can hardly drive stick. Gotta take good care of it so I can get it up to 200k miles.
  5. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Need to buy a used car

    So my 98 Accord's transmission crapped out. We're dumping the car for whatever we can get for it, and I need to get a new car before school starts on the 30th. Car people, help me out. My price range is ~$5k for the car, and $2k for any repairs that it will need. I was looking at...
  6. Psychedelic.Penguin

    CSGO Online Magazine (FREE!)

    I've been watching a lot of competitive gameplay on YouTube lately, trying to pick up on a few tips and learn new strats. I came across a link to this online. So far theres 6 issues. Bookmark this one.
  7. Psychedelic.Penguin

    All your xhairs r belong to me!! Someone should sticky this or add it to the Dot tutorial thread. welcomez
  8. Psychedelic.Penguin

    CSGO Crash on map load.. Solution!!

    Today, I was playing and in a few servers, and the game would crash to desktop everytime the map loaded. I spent my time being banned from matchmaking finding the solution. A few people had the same problem, and they said to disable the MOTD in order to prevent crashing. This is done by...
  9. Psychedelic.Penguin


    I've forgotten about this mod, but I used to play on a few servers that had it. I think it would be a good addition to the server since the economy is so tight. Plus it'll give us a way to stash money away when admins give it out. Thoughts?
  10. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Matchmaking sucks

    idk about anybody else, but matchmaking seems to be broken for me. I wait about 10 minutes and never get into a game. I know someone said that its because the ELO system is actually crunching numbers to make an even match, but god damnit. Theres hardly even anybody searching for a group...
  11. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Is lemonade considered juice or flavored water?

  12. Psychedelic.Penguin


    Saw this video on another forum I go to..
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    So what are you guys doing? My uncle mailed up his grim reaper costume he made back in the 70s(?). Its got these boots on 4 inch platforms (but will be hidden by the robes), and the mask and hood add an extra 2 inches. It'll look like I'm about 6'5". I wanna get an antique hourglass and...
  14. Psychedelic.Penguin

    How can we maximize the use of this server?

    As you all know, the rotation server doesn't get much use. We just cannot get people in here consistently. You can check the gametracker stats and see the clearcut difference between the 24/7 and rotation servers. This is just for the past week. The 24/7 server is full to...
  15. Psychedelic.Penguin

    My job situation. Advice pl0x?

    So far things are looking good for this ski resort job! I got in touch with their HR director and they know my name and said they're going to be needing some full time snowboard instructors this season, with their job fair being October 28th. Anyway, an alternative job just popped up. A...
  16. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Best/Worst guns in GO?

    So now that the game has been out for a while, what are your favorite guns people? Best #1 is absolutely the P250. $500 for such a great little gun. 13 shots that are really quite strong. Its accurate, and has low recoil, can shoot fast for those panic close combat situations. One hit...
  17. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Bus driver uppercuts some girl

    Oh my god that guy can throw a punch.
  18. Psychedelic.Penguin

    All in on printer w/cheap ink?

    Alright guys, my all in one printer shit the bed the other day. Luckily my mom and I have a spare one that we're using for now. Does anybody know of a good printer/scanner/fax/copy machine that has cheap ink refills, or is at least very ink efficient? Ideally it would be under $200 for...
  19. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Some of my paintings

    Stuff I've done over the past few years. Lots of doodling, but only a few things that I liked enough to save. Some notes from my philosophy class. It was soooo boring and slow I tried my hand at typography a little bit, but ended up just drawing all over. scan0003 by Drake Newkirk, on...
  20. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Applied for a job at the ski resort this season!

    So I've gotten to a point in my life where I have the perfect opportunity to go work in the mountains for 4 months. I have nearly finished my general ed in college (only a physical science will be left after this semester, might try to find geology online or something), and I really don't know...