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  1. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Just got BF3

    How the hell do you fly a jet? I think I took off and crashed immediately.
  2. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Just got BF3

    Do we have a BF3 server?
  3. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Just got BF3

    It comes out in October maaaannn, too far away. And this was only $20, so why not.
  4. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Just got BF3

    So I just got BF3, and the install process was the most frustrating troubleshooting ever. 3 and a half hours to fix a Punkbuster problem. But the game is great. So much fun, except I REALLY HATE the sun glare effect. Its tough to get onto a good team where people work together, and play...
  5. Psychedelic.Penguin

    These men have balls of steel……hell titanium ….

    I remember showing my friend the second video a few weeks ago. Its crazy how the helicopter has a tough time keeping up with the bikes!
  6. Psychedelic.Penguin

    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    Might be shooting my co-workers Fiat Spyder tomorrow over in Santa Cruz. Looks something like this
  7. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Replaced Motel with de_season

    Motel was trash. Way to many rooms.
  8. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Penguin's Psychedelic Jamz

    This is one of those days where The Brian Jonestown Massacre strikes a chord with me. Been talking to this girl, but I think I blew it before things even started.
  9. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Exclusive "Battlefield 4" VIP Acces

    I should hopefully be getting a new computer that can handle BF4. I'm missing out on so much!
  10. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Scary moment when skydiving.

    Wait, his backpack came off in the air and he strapped it back on? Thats quick thinking and experience.
  11. Psychedelic.Penguin

    47Ronin Cars!

    Gotta adjust the position of the crossbars so I can mount it further back. Where it is right now, I can't stick my head out of the moon roof. =[
  12. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Penguin's Psychedelic Jamz

    Going to see Tame Impala for the second time tonight in Oakland. The venue is bigger and better this time. I'll post pictures of the place and post them up. Unrelated, a song I came across a couple days ago. Slow, bluesy, seductive vocals and a neat solo thrown in there.
  13. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Lexus LF-LC Approved for Production

    Hybrid sports car? Top Gears review of this should be entertaining.
  14. Psychedelic.Penguin

    47Ronin Cars!

    I ordered a Yakima Load Warrior cargo basket for my WRX.
  15. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Most Expensive Dogs

    Damn, $1.5m, not including all the food its gonna eat over its lifetime.
  16. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Rate our new CS:GO maps!

    I played Favela for a little while the other day. Its so nice to play something completely new for a change.
  17. Psychedelic.Penguin

    AWP for CS:GO 1 week feedback

    I think its fine. One awp isn't too bad. And chances are that they'll camp or go the same way round after round, so they're easily avoided. If you throw a smoke down, you can use it to cover your advance and close the gap.
  18. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Penguin's Psychedelic Jamz

    I'm really liking this guys stuff. He's got so many albums too, and they're all on youtube. I'm not sure what the specific genre is called. Garage rock? It sounds like raw power with a hint of grunge in there. Its the perfect stuff to play at a drunken house party.
  19. Psychedelic.Penguin

    Drifting Ain't Easy

    Drift looks like it'd be so much fun, but it does seem like it'd be hard to control, with RWD. I'm learning how to push my WRX. I wanna be able to speed through the big loop onramps, and powerslide a little bit.
  20. Psychedelic.Penguin

    North Korea

    They don't have any ability to do anything. Worst case scenario is that they get overrun and set off a nuke on their own soil.