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    Please Stand Up

    Thought this was cute.
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    Concerning behavior

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    Bad Pings again....CDN

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\Dillon>tracert 66.151. Unable to resolve target system name 66.151.. C:\Users\Dillon>tracert Tracing route to...
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    Help with battlenet...

    My Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 games are missing from my battlenet account... Has any one ever heard of this happening>? Am I going to have to waste money rebuying these games?
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    Virus removal tutorial.... Virus removal tutorial....

    VIRUS REMOVAL TUTORIAL This is a tutorial.. not a remix. Part 1. If you cannot boot into windows, but you can boot into safemode. ******DISABLE SYSTEM RESTORE*********** 1.Download Combofix.exe From another computer 2.put combofix.exe on...
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    Attn: Any one i have offended recently

    As most of us know, we are all entitled to our own opinions and beleifs. So I appaulogize if i have offended any one by what i have said. I do stand by what i have said, but I am sorry if what i have said has offended any one. To clear the air my beleifs are as follows.. I do not beleive in...
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    Joan Rivers...

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    Report Players Sang : Steam_0:1:10254155

    Rediculas... blatant.... STEAM_0:1:10254155
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    If You Bang A Slump Buster, When your Not in a SLump

    Man Card el jorge loco Rampage Haze FuZion Ghonzo -L- Dickfor. Uncle P. Spray suicide george phokyu D0nk3yPunch3r WhiteWalls Snowman gregomyeggo ace ninja Surrender Blood Fiend Hunter Space Cowboy civil servant Cup Full of LOL A-Rich H2OiAMwater Ragingmidget Aion S-Dawg Bossbitch<3 fAt...
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    call me Obama

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    47ronin servers pinging very high for me..

    I usually get a 40 ping on our servers.. 35 - 40... im getting 180 or higher right now... Im getting a usual ping on all the other seattle, dallas servers.. around 40 - 50... so im curious.. whats wrong with our servers right now.. 2 days ago i was getting 35 - 40 ping, now its 180
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    To, Civil Servant. The peace officer, The stripper, The orgasm, the CLimax.

    Please feel free to use any of these words when your getting angry in which the way my stereo types come forward in regards to law enforcement. PS, if you sir, are a peace officer, then my stereo types have been broken, cuase you sir, are a fuckin cool dude...and I cant say for sure, but I...
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    Has any one ever made there own miso soup.

    Looking for a good recipe... also directions on how to make it... love me my miso.
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    Big Talk

    Yeahhhhh... Big Talk!!
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    Trailer Park Boys. SWEARNET.COM Present....Idol Contest A(EH)

    Swear Idol Contest, Like the group, support the tweets and facebooks, and fuckin send in ur swearvids, maybe one of us clansmen can win. Heres a link to the SwearIdol Page SWEARIDOL VIDEOS Link to the main Page. SWEARNET el jorge loco Rampage Haze FuZion Ghonzo -L- Dickfor. Uncle...
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    Must check this out.
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    Need Help Picking a phone Plan.

    So, I am pretty sure that im getting this job ive been trying to get for the last month, it's an IT job, level 1 help desk, at a great company, where t hey will pay for my certs and all that jazz, but I am going to need a CELL PHONE. I have refrained(andy drufrain) from getting a cell phone...
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    Request Unban What the fuck

    Some one just fuckin banned me from the CS:S server....
  20. Blood Fiend

    Sweaty balls...>Fresh balls