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    Game experience sucky after change to 128 tick

    Anyone else having this problem? I'm getting a serious number of times when I'm getting shot between frames. The game stutters for a second then I'm dead. Sometimes the player that shoots me isn't even on my screen yet. It happened every once in a while when the server was 100 tick, but now it's...
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    Start of map player shuffle

    Hey, I just wanted to give some feedback on the plugin that enables the admins to shuffle the players at the beginning of the map. It's a great idea in theory to avoid team stacking, but in reality it really sucks for anyone like me who comes to 47R to play on the same team with certain friends...
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    Rates and config and all that -- need help

    After 13 years of playing counter-strike, you'd think I'd have all the settings down pat, but I find a lot of disagreement about settings for interpolation and stuff like that. I want to optimize with the server, so i was hoping some knowledgeable players would give me their opinions and...
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    New Damage Report Messes Up My Controls

    Hey, does anyone know how to turn off the damage report? There's a console command but I can't find it. The server change to the damage report has screwed up how I switch weapons. At the beginning of the round while the dmg report is on my screen, I can't use my number keys to switch weapons. I...