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  1. kn1ght[st]

    Hello Guys

    haha thanks guys
  2. kn1ght[st]

    Hello Guys

    hah was playing with you earlier surrender. @ kamikaze. not just walkin by, hmm lets see im 6'0 tall i weigh 205. i enjoy drinking cheap beer chewing tobacco and sitting around. ben playing cs since 2003, as well as many other games along the way. im 100% french as far as my roots go but i wont...
  3. kn1ght[st]


    Whats up guys names Shane, i like beer, and playing cs. ben playing in the server lately, good enviroment with cool people. keep it up!
  4. kn1ght[st]

    Hello Guys

    Play on the server sometimes. would be interested in joining you guys :) Name: Shane Morris Age: 25 Location:Arizona In Game nickname/nicknames:kn1ght[st] Your favorite hobby: gaming Your favorite movie: too tough to answer but fight club is one Games you play: cs go WoW How many hours a week...