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  1. TykoDank


    What are you guys/gals doing for Halloween? I'm going to this Voodoo Experience | October 31, November 1 & 2 2014 | Worship the Music
  2. TykoDank

    Bored? Come help me learn LoL

    I have two monitors so i always see chat feel free to chat away and tell me how bad i am (: I stream csgo sometimes 2
  3. TykoDank

    Any Edm fans?

    And if so post some favorites pretty lights, big gigantic, griz, gramatik. Thats just a few of course.
  4. TykoDank

    TykoDank's App.

    Name: Josh Age: (Must be over 18!) 21 Location:Georgia In Game nickname/nicknames:TykoDank Your favorite hobby: Video games, smoking Your favorite movie: Across the universe Games you play: Hearthstone, LoL,(always open to playing/trying new games) How many hours a week are you online:20+ easy...
  5. TykoDank

    Tokers? Smokers?

    so who smokes around here? ( : and what is your favorite piece?