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  1. fAt Kaka

    CSS night?

    Hello everybody, shall we set up a time for everyone (well majority) to hop on and play a few rounds?
  2. fAt Kaka

    Internet service/speed/prices

    So Charter just bumped my 100mb internet to $59.99 and I can not get on any more promotions unless I cancel and re-sign up. My question is how to get a better deal and what are you comparable stand-alone prices?
  3. fAt Kaka

    PS3 vertical lines on the screen all of a sudden

    it showed up all of a sudden as I was watching netflix. I have tried: 1. many resets 2. blow dust off 3. bang my remotes I am afraid that the PS3's GPU might be dying or dead beyond return. I am patiently waiting for it to cool in case if its overheating for some reason. But you have 2 cents...
  4. fAt Kaka

    I wish I came up with this thing...

    for those out door hipsters...
  5. fAt Kaka

    Dual display question

    I got a 24 inch DVI and an old ass 19 inch VGA (DVI to VGA adapter) only Dell...the set up looks really awkward having a big one and a smaller one I am thinking about buying a newer LED lit 24 inch to replace the 19 inch. Does anyone else has a similar experience? will the 24 inch instead of...
  6. fAt Kaka

    Data mining

    What's your opinion on data mining, either on the "sure, I don't care." or "no, I don't want pp to know" side. There are so much data out there via internet, social media that the big companies are studying up on the general population. To be frankly, "they" have more data than they know what...
  7. fAt Kaka

    CS:S squeeze in Office every once in a while

    I really miss Office. Can we squeeze it in every few rounds of Dust 2? Is it possible to set it up? Dust 2 to Office ratio, say 3:1 or 4:1??
  8. fAt Kaka

    Download youtube videos

    I need to save some youtube videos...what do you use? and how? Don't tell me to google it, I want something specific and you have verified in the past that your recommendation actually works. Go.
  9. fAt Kaka

    to LIVE

    My fiance's cousin died in a car crash last weekend. She was 23 and had a full life in front of her. It was snowing and the road condition was far less than optimal. She spun out 180 degrees and started driving on the wrong way on the highway and crashed into a big ass fucking truck head on...
  10. fAt Kaka


    It appears like there is a need for discussion on what people are studying and most importantly, what to do with your education in real life later. -->make lots of money...legally
  11. fAt Kaka

    Dual 24 vs single 27

    what do you think? I have a single 24 ATM. Looking to upgrade. Use for gaming and movie watching while browsing
  12. fAt Kaka

    Monitor power button

    the stupid button snapped and it's wedged in the hole into the control panel. I can turn it off and on using the power strip. any cheap fix? what about safety? will it short the whole monitor?
  13. fAt Kaka

    ...and she said yes

    Good news people, I am engaged to my lovely woman. Hands off, all you little sluts, this man is taken.
  14. fAt Kaka

    Logitech Z680 5.1 for sale

    Everybody knows what it is. It's been around for many years and it is still rocking. Everything works, packaged in a foam padded box. I don't know how much shipping is, make me an offer and we'll make it happen. Start with $150.
  15. fAt Kaka

    Soundcard USB or internal

    I current have a creative Xtrememusic with logitech z680 setup. I am considering to upgrade. I know I am about to open a can of corn...options: 1. it's not worth it to upgrade, ie marginal benefits 2. with a $100 budget, should I spend it on beer instead? 3. an external soundcard that will kick...
  16. fAt Kaka

    CSS quake sound

    As much as I appreciate the effort of having the sounds, can someone please take it off. RUST is the admin who puts on it...but I haven't seen RUST on CSS lately. anyone else?
  17. fAt Kaka

    car maintenance - brakes

    I need to replace the 4 brake pads and resurface the be done by a mechanic 07 maxima 1. do I need to flush the brake fluid system 2. how much thanks.
  18. fAt Kaka

    Ammo shortage?

    I've been looking everywhere in town for some 9mm ammo. Nothing. except the crappy ones at the range. Is that pretty much everywhere?
  19. fAt Kaka

    FREE Starbucks coffee Friday 4/19 until noon

    Free Tall at Starbucks (house blend) this Friday 4/19 until noon NATIONWIDE
  20. fAt Kaka

    K Mart ship my pants! :thumbsup: