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  1. kaiki

    What happened to our forum design?

    I don't mind it :)
  2. kaiki

    Is hardening stainless steel necessary?

    That's too bad. I would've liked to discuss this :D If you want to learn more, I could maybe recommend some sources to you?
  3. kaiki

    Is hardening stainless steel necessary?

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this into the non-sense section because it doesn't make much sense to most people to harden stainless steel even further to improve properties such as wear resistance. As most people know, stainless steel is quite hard and wear resistant already. Of course it depends...
  4. kaiki

    Trump's Newest Announcement - Transgender & The Military

    what the f.... child abuse? oh please!
  5. kaiki

    Just say Hi to all Ronins

  6. kaiki

    Anyone still play Diablo III?

    I do still play it from time to time. already its become a classic for me :)
  7. kaiki

    Trump's Newest Announcement - Transgender & The Military

    It's a stupid argument. If you're fit to serve and want to do it, then nothing should stop you from doing so, no matter what's between your legs, what pronouns you use or what gender you're attracted to.
  8. kaiki

    Game of Thrones

    That's a good idea actually! I love listening to podcasts, so I will probably love audio books. No idea why I haven't given hem a try yet but I will let you know if I like it. Oh and I totally agree!! Jon Snow was one of my favourite characters and I truly believe he deserves the throne.
  9. kaiki

    What are your favourite mangas?

    Mangas are Japanese comics! They're black and white and there are a million different ones out there. Do you know anime? Most animes start out as mangas and then get animated. Similar to for example Batman, which started out as a comicbook.
  10. kaiki

    What are your favourite mangas?

    Hi, I'm curious as to what your all-time favourite mangas are. I'll start. 1) Naruto 2) Attack On TItan 3) One Piece 4) Bleach 5) DBZ
  11. kaiki

    List your top 10 favorite games of all times!

    Ok this is going to be really hard... In no particular order: 1) Diablo 3 2) Final Fantasy 8 3) Last of Us 4) Dragon Age (series) 5) Fallout 4 6) Battlefield 7) Pokemon Red 8) Street Fighter 9) Mass Effect 3 10) Assassin's Creed
  12. kaiki


    ^ I love this!! Can't wait for the Han Solo Solo movie :P I hope it gets done in time since they changed directors in the middle of filming...
  13. kaiki

    Game of Thrones

    I have read the first book but they are soo long! I'm just not really a books kinda guy, so I switched over to the show and really enjoy it... Maybe I should read the books though since I've heard that they are quite different from the show after the first season. Who should get the throne in...
  14. kaiki

    UK newbie!

    Thank you guys! I'm trying to be more active here from now on :)
  15. kaiki

    What's your top 3 favorite ice cream flavors?

    I like anything coffee and choc flavoured. So my top 3 would be: - Latte Macciatto - Dark chocolate and - Creme Brulee I'm boring I know lol
  16. kaiki

    A/C Problems

    Thanks! I'll watch it later and see if it's useful :)
  17. kaiki

    UK newbie!

    Hi guys, my name is Killian and I'm from London. I'm looking forward to some fun gaming =) & I just wanted to come by and say hi...
  18. kaiki

    A/C Problems

    I own a Toyota 2010 corolla and somehow, it never gets cold in my car, unless I blast my A/C on full for straight up 10 minutes... When I put my hands on it I can feel how cold the air is, so I don't quite understand how the cold air never seems to stick around. Has anyone ever had this problem...
  19. kaiki

    Sleeeepy zzz

    Sleeeepy zzz