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  1. Fasttrak

    Happy Birthday Snow!

    Ahhh, Happy birthday Snow!!
  2. Fasttrak

    Moving on...

    Good to see you are up and about these days. I would love to hear how the post motorcycle crash healing has gone for you, never did hear the outcome and how well you healed up. My deer strike has taken the better part of six years to get over and still the leg is not 100%, and your wreck was...
  3. Fasttrak

    Moving on...

    Good to see some folks still stopping by. Kind of strange to look back at all the people that came and went through the clan over the years, was a fun journey. I think most people's lives changed in ways that made the hours we used to spend shooting each other up non-existent in this day and...
  4. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Thanks guys, it was really a fun experience and very glad I took the plunge to finally build a water cooled PC. So far it has been dead nuts stable with no issues, to the point I have not bothered to do the post build partial breakdown for inspection purposes or to add the water flow meter. Once...
  5. Fasttrak

    Still alive :)

    So glad to hear that your life is moving forward and the health issues are hopefully a thing of the past.
  6. Fasttrak

    my Audi A4 is running Rich at idle

    Nice one Hunter! I sure love my 2017 Chevy Colorado Diesel, thing rocks the gas mileage and rides so damned nice. Heated seats are now mandatory for any vehicle I ever purchase.
  7. Fasttrak

    SNES Classic / Retro talk

    Every time I go back to enjoy one of the "classics", I always end up with that same feeling a very short time later once I begin my stroll down memory lane... "Holy shit this game sucks ass!! How the hell did I spend that many hours playing it!!" LOL My memory of those experiences far...
  8. Fasttrak

    Name that car!

    It is the most unremarkable car out there, the Camry. Even if you've seen forty-two million of them you still can't tell when shown a picture of one.
  9. Fasttrak

    RIP Las Vegas victims

    I miss the days when the crazy fuckers just killed themselves in some spectacular way, now they try and take as many of us as they can. Brutal day in Vegas..
  10. Fasttrak

    Question for you car guys regarding repairs

    I would personally drive it till it dies in the condition you received it in. If you are so inclined to spend the money to get it "right", I would just get a local auto salvage to get you a same color and model year door from a car that was hit on the opposite side :-P This is usually a fairly...
  11. Fasttrak

    Happy Birthday Fuzion!

    Happy birthday man, hope it is a good one, Fuzion!!
  12. Fasttrak

    Just say Hi to all Ronins

    Hunter, I see you! Hola
  13. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Finally got all the parts delivered Friday morning and got to work destroying my house and building a computer. This is always the tedious stage as getting everything to fit together cleanly is a time consuming chore. I can not count how many times in the last couple days all radiators installed...
  14. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    I finally received an email from Caselabs that my case parts are shipping!! w00t Finally... Time to make a mess out of the coffee table and get to assembling this bastard! Big, expensive graphics cards and water, those block are sexy! What could possibly go wrong? Thankfully the Strix...
  15. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Not at all, it all comes down to multiple parts being pressed together using thermal pads and slight mfg. differences in these heat spreaders. The ram was cleanly seated after the heat spreaders were installed, .5mm thermal pads run the length at the top of the ram module heat spreader gives...
  16. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    In most case layouts I would agree but with this layout and the airflow such as it is, keeping the ram below 60C was a good thing. With the fans turning at about half will have them turning about 1,100 rpm, plenty to keep the system cool but will not produce much airflow at all around the ram...
  17. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Still waiting on the Caselabs package, getting painful at this point. Decided to move ahead and do the board layout with water blocks. This is officially the heaviest motherboard try I have ever put together, about ten pounds currently. With graphics cards, heavy steel fitting and water, I am...
  18. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    That big leather couch didn't speak volumes about the Astro Glide, Amazonian women and sharp pointy things?
  19. Fasttrak

    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Slight update as I am still waiting on one box, one pretty important box from Caselabs with the front Flex Bay setup and PSU support mount. Things I did not forsee needing when I ordered originally and once everything got here had to finally order it about four weeks ago, and like all things...
  20. Fasttrak

    Let Me Reintroduce Myself :)

    If you used the mic I am guessing friendly would be an understatement :p