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    Mosskeetho in the house!!!

    hello and welcome to the forums, sorry alil late but been busy
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    Extremely sad story

    i hope they catch the guy, thats sad over a football game and now he's paralyzed - raider game?
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    CS:GO Scrim

    i think the game looks awesome, i cant wait to play it
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    turtle turtle
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    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    i have two accnts i keep paying on, hoping it might be fun again. i get tired of busting my ass to get the better gear and to beat all the dungeuns, then blizzard makes it where every lame can get everything i worked hard to get. ill go back to my spray and pray in css =)
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    The 47 Ronin BF3 full servers list!

    i might buy it later today, havent decided yet.
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    i <3 Boobies would like to be a member!

    hello Boobies and welcome to the forums and server
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    welcome and im the same, got bored and took a break from wow. i still goof off alil on the ptr
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    Moo Moo is here! o .o!

    hello and wheres da beef?
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    welcome to the server
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    Thoughts on Hackers or being one too.

    ive nvr hacked but im old and dont believe in cheating, plus i not smart enough to figure out how to.
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    The 47 Ronin Ventrilo Server info!

    i log'd on and everybody was gone =(
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    Most interesting and most boring sport to watch?

    football/mma is great to watch, golf i cant stand watching and baseball is a near second. if im at the baseball game its cool, i can drink and be happy.
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    Deer Season

    you want to kill things, join the LAPD haha jk i dont hunt much anymore, but love venison and jerky. on the ranch we just shoot them off the porch when we get hungry, we call it camp meat. bear meat made into peppersticks is my fav, or bear sausage, i cant remember the name of the place but its...
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    Your favourite movie martial artist?

    bruce lee roy for the ultimate dragon...i win haha JCVD is a fake, Bruce Lee is the all time best, but Jacki Chan is #1 in movies. id love tobe able to hop up the walls like he does, 'drunken master' is my fav jacki chan movie.
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    47Ronin Cars!

    lol i remember when i had lil twucks, i was like 5yrs old haha jk nice truck, ill have to post mine soon but its in the shop =( injector went out on me but its under warranty thank god
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    Fasttrak on the slowtrack

    welcome back, we need some older people playing so i dont feel lonely. are you sure its the internet thats lagging? i think its my mind, or else it means everybody hacks.