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  1. d00b

    Anyone currently playing BFA?

    I've been playing 3-4 months now as a complete n00b, but I've slowly been figuring it out. I would definitely like to get into different roles and have friends to run dungeons with, so if anyone is addicted like I am, hit me up on battlenet: amourdeath#1232 I'm currently leveling a resto...
  2. d00b

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS you afk jerks
  3. d00b

    It's sad we posted in here almost exactly a year ago and nobody but a bot has posted since hah

    It's sad we posted in here almost exactly a year ago and nobody but a bot has posted since hah
  4. d00b

    State of Decay 2

    I signed up for the free 14 day trial of the xbox game pass and tried Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2. To me, both of these games had me asking myself "Why am I still playing?" After about a half hour. In State of Decay 2, I had to join someone else's world to play with them, my characters...
  5. d00b

    Next Ronin Cluster Fuck on Source

    And let's be real, most people probably don't check the forums anyway. We just need like 5-6 people to agree to play on a certain date and hope we can have some more dumb luck from inviting people.
  6. d00b

    Next Ronin Cluster Fuck on Source

    Any Friday or Saturday night is good with me! You should just make a poll with dates and see what people say hah
  7. d00b

    OFFICIAL 47R GAME NIGHT! 4/22/18!

    I'm just stoked we could get that damn clan warfare achievement, that was the last one I needed! And it looked like everyone else needed it, too!
  8. d00b

    OFFICIAL 47R GAME NIGHT! 4/22/18!

    I'll be there and I'll be square.
  9. d00b

    Moving on... I mainly just get drunk and angrily play games when I stream haha. He'll watch me and nut make beautiful csgo love!
  10. d00b

    Moving on...

    I'm still around. Me and @Nutbutter play CSGO MM pretty frequently, otherwise I don't really game with any 47R members much these days. Been messing around with streaming and dota 2 lately. I'm terrible at both hah
  11. d00b

    What happened to our forum design?

    It's all good, the memes are still here :troll-94::troll-94::troll-94::troll-94::troll-94::ilied:
  12. d00b

    what the shit is going on

    what the shit is going on
  13. d00b

    PUBG Ronin!

    I've got the game but don't play much. It's depressing trying to play after watching shroud play on twitch and him getting 5 kills in 30 seconds every game start. And then I play and it takes me 30 seconds to pick up a gun and ammo haha I might be down sometime though to play some squads.
  14. d00b

    RIP Las Vegas victims

    I blame Grand Theft Auto and Marilyn Manson. And KISS. All that devils lettuce is going to peoples heads, man.
  15. d00b

    Name that car!

    Gotta put a lock on it. Or sit in it dressed as Pennywise the Clown until he shows up again. "The trash floats down here and you will too"
  16. d00b

    Trump's Newest Announcement - Transgender & The Military

    I was Navy. I don't per say have an issue with it, but I do think people should be fully transitioned prior to enlisting. Not trying to get everything done while also being active and not being fit for duty, training and deployments, among other things. My example is some guy in my battalion...
  17. d00b

    Payday 2 is currently free on steam

    Yeah 10 people on my friendslist got the game today, only 1 installed it. Some peoples PC cant handle it, but I told them to get it anyway for the future. It's definitely a solid game worth checking out, especially when its free! I'll be playing it for a couple weeks probably if anyone wants to...
  18. d00b

    Payday 2 is currently free on steam Just saw this post from PCgamer on FB. 5 million copies, first come first serve! I've been telling everyone on steam, get...
  19. d00b

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    A year has almost passed and this is still on the front page hah
  20. d00b

    Let's Spam!!!