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    Murica! germany may be able to win a world cup but they sure as shit cant win a world war! Murica! Back to back world war champs!
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    Today has been a shitty day.

    ya.. 4 tires and alignment under 500? last time i put 4 new tires on my truck shit was 1,300! be happy! and think of it this way.. since you dont drive much.. its an investment!
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    How do you prefer your steak?

    i like my steak like i like my women... bloody and still mooing.. kidding.. but for real.. med rare is whats up
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    What's everyones favorite Robin Williams movie?

    Doubtful i will be there. i do not want to embarrass you and have to run the server like i use to.
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    What's everyones favorite Robin Williams movie?

    So what you're telling me is your life lacks just like your GO game? Now tell me, how much ice will you be needing for that burn?
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    What's everyones favorite Robin Williams movie?

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    Apple's likely next iPhone launch is Sept. 9: Re/code

    "finally going to upgrade my iphone 5" --- love first world problems haha!
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    Post your results!

    weeee cox doubled my interwebs speed
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    List your top 10 favorite games of all times!

    1. Original CS beta - 1.6(started playing original beta in 1999... forget these new trash versions) 2. Starcraft 3. Half-life 4. DOTA 5. Star Fox 64 6. Blitz 64 7. Halo 2 8. COD4 (original modern warfare) 9. Mario Kart 64 10. Team Fortress
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    Lightning strikes in Colorado park kill 2 people in 2 days

    that cow wasnt lucky.. formal request.. kill me
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    Ferrari's F12 is hellaciously fast yet impeccably civilized

    thats an engine? sure its not some anti-gravity device? ive had the pleasure of driving a Ferrari once... i questioned myself for working on the legal side of the law when i had to get out.
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    Hello Guys

    not that'd i'd really know these days but there are servers out there besides 47r? welcome
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    Speeding police on cellphone

    the truck driver is an asshole.. both these professions are in my family... given how much of an asshole this truck driver is.. im sure the cop could have found something to fuck him on. what a dick head
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    possible isp switch...

    I have cox.. i know its cable and its "shared" but my connection is always consistent. i pay for 25 mbps and average roughly 24. upload speed is suppose to be 10mpbs and i only average 8. its a bit expensive but worth it if used.
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    Yo STEAM_1:1:89393337

    I havent played in god knows how long.. and id still ruin all of you... kidding i played an esea match tonight and did fairly well.. for the 10 rounds is hung around. trying to get back
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    Yo STEAM_1:1:89393337

    Unfortunately Yao, stuff like this has been around forever and not just csgo. Since the beginning of gaming there have been hacks because "if you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin".
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    Yo STEAM_1:1:89393337

    read thread title :D welcome to English!
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    Not even sure why I got banned?

    I wasn't there for this ban and at this point I'm not sure if your ban has been lifted or not, which I highly doubt. You state you've played in the server "forever" but aren't familiar with our rules? No racial slurs//remarks//slang//or variation of racial name calling is allowed throughout...
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    welcome to friday night cs:go

    there are rules and regulations as to how inebriated one can be while playing cs:go?
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    Through my eyes

    this is pretty sick...