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  1. kazuo Kiriyama

    The remaining east and west seeds

    Who do you think will secure the remaining spots for the playoffs? I really want Dallas to make it, but the Suns and Memphis are both playing pretty well. Also think the knicks will make it?
  2. kazuo Kiriyama

    Today marks 1 year as a Ronin

    Hey just noticed today marks the day that myself, James, Rampage, and penguin became official members of the 47r, though the former two are MIA. Had a great time this last year in the sever, and excited to see the direction of the clan as it grows. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the...
  3. kazuo Kiriyama

    GW2-Got My Legendary

    After months of working at it, I finally crafted it today. I'm a lot later than most who have theirs, but oh well. At least I accomplished the task at hand! Here are the pics, so you can't say it never happened. Behold the predator! A shout out to Dick4 and Menga for helping me with...
  4. kazuo Kiriyama

    Spurs going to the Finals!

    Only one more team to beat. I finally got around to ordering my custom jersey. Should be here in a few days.
  5. kazuo Kiriyama

    Spurs vs Grizzlies Western Con finals

    Wooo. So happy spurs beat warriors. The grizz are good, so I'm a little worried but I think we should be okay! What do you guys think about this series and the others?
  6. kazuo Kiriyama

    NBA 2012-2013 Playoffs

    Okay Guys, if you wanna talk about it , post in here! Obviously I am rooting for the spurs, and sorry to say, we are going to waste the lakers. Sorry I know most of the clan lives out that way. haha. Only team I am afraid of is Denver. Other than that, I think we will make it all the way. Even...
  7. kazuo Kiriyama

    Kidney Infection

    Turns out my mother has a kidney infection, not really sure how severe it is or what to expect from it. Any ideas? Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you.
  8. kazuo Kiriyama

    Creating the Predator Legendary

    Not sure if people who still have their accounts so this so I figured I would start a new thread. I am working on creating the legendary weapon "Predator" which is the rifle, for my Engineer. I still need lots of money, and materials to make it but I am working on it. If any of you are quitting...
  9. kazuo Kiriyama

    d&d Miniatures!

    Does anyone have any miniatures they are willing to give away? ;) haha Or sell for really cheap. I wanted to get some more but they are expensive online.
  10. kazuo Kiriyama

    Binocular Soccer(kinda old but whatever)

    The guy in the opening is the director from Battle Royale live action movie, so random.
  11. kazuo Kiriyama

    100% map completion

    Finally got to 100% completion. Started playing again so i decided to knock this out. about damn time.
  12. kazuo Kiriyama

    Playing festival a couple years ago

    Me singing with my friends band. My band also played the festival but The video recordings of those wern't as good. I am the one in the hat!
  13. kazuo Kiriyama

    Any good new animes?

    Has any good new anime come out recently? (Besides SAO) I am pretty much into anything, besides crap like tiger and bunny, and panty and stocking.
  14. kazuo Kiriyama

    Need to pick a game.

    Wife says she will buy me any game for our 1 year anniversary as hubby and wife. Though we have been together for like 3 years or so :o). I am looking for a good console game. I only own a 360 and typically for consoles I pretty much stick to only RPGS. So i am looking for what I should get...
  15. kazuo Kiriyama

    Gundam Models

    I was in Houston this last weekend and saw a 20% sale on all gundam models in this store i went to. They had lots of them too. Friend bought a couple that were $180 each before sale, and ended up getting close to 80 off. They were like 1,000 pieces each, made me want to get into them. I thought...
  16. kazuo Kiriyama

    91% world map complete

    Been kinda slow the past few weeks due to moving, preparing for pokemon card regionals this weekend, and trying to be active in cs:go. But I am getting closer to getting 100%. I have done all of the normal areas on the map, save a few random hearts and things I have to track down. Mainly its...
  17. kazuo Kiriyama

    Need some new headphones/mic

    Looking for something that is good quality and $100 dollars or less. My are seriously falling apart since i got them for free and half the time the left speaker of the headphone doesn't even work. Not sure what brand to go with, so any suggestions would be of great help, thanks a lot!
  18. kazuo Kiriyama

    Starting New D&D Campaign tonight

    And before somebody asks, I am playing 4th Edition. I have played 3.0, and 3.5 since I was in elementary school, and a few years ago when 4th came out I picked it up, and though there are things in it that I dislike, I do still enjoy it a lot. Though they simplified the game, and made it more...
  19. kazuo Kiriyama

    Hate this crap

    My wife and I just saw some guy on a bike, who was hit by a douchebag high school kid with a huge truck. He was going way too fast. The guy even had a yellow reflector vest on. The other person with the kid was video taping, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was online sometime soon. Multiple...
  20. kazuo Kiriyama

    My triumph over FUZION in pvp!

    My name on here is Durham and fuzions is cloud. We can clearly see the outcome with the names on the right. You can try again next time man :o) ps: i know the picture came out bad, but oh well.