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  1. el jorge loco

    Good to see some folks again

    @v.Kamikaze and I are on source almost every night. But it was good to see @CutScene and @Ghonzo ! Ghonzo's gotta break the rust though.
  2. el jorge loco


    @A-Rich LEGOS!
  3. el jorge loco

    Elite Dangerous

    Yes, this is an old game, but who wants to fly spaceships with me?
  4. el jorge loco


    New Updates for L4D2? Who is installing to play again?
  5. el jorge loco


    So I've noticed that recent cumulative windows 10 updates will cause my system to crash and show BSOD after the update "fails" to update properly. This happens with my desktop, but not with my buddy's new surface. Is there a particular reason, or is this just old computers not being liked by...
  6. el jorge loco

    CS:S Memories Thread

    I got a little nostalgic, and found this screenshot.
  7. el jorge loco

    Next Ronin Cluster Fuck on Source

    Okay, May 4 was a bad idea. Let's work out the next get together, nerds.
  8. el jorge loco

    Happy Birthday Snow!

    HBD @Snowman !
  9. el jorge loco

    What happened to our forum design?

    @IcEWoLF - we got an emergency!
  10. el jorge loco

    Happy Birthday Fuzion!

    Happy Birthday @FuZion ! Hope you have an awesome weekend!
  11. el jorge loco

    Happy Birthday Built4Win!

    Happy Birthday Built! Hope you and your family have an awesome day!
  12. el jorge loco

    So I'm not sleeping tonight

    Thanks to @Hunter !
  13. el jorge loco

    Happy Belated Birthday S-Dawg!

    Happy Birthday you bot! (@S-Dawg )
  14. el jorge loco

    President Trump

    Well, it happened. Donald Trump is our new President. Not the guy I would have preferred, but it's gonna happen, so time to see how it goes. On that note, I am looking forward to seeing who he picks for his Cabinet, that may very well determine what kind of policy comes out of the White House...
  15. el jorge loco

    Happy Birthday L & Sammi

    Happy birthday @-L- and @ak | sAmmI'^ Oh you didn't know you two shared a birthday? Too bad!
  16. el jorge loco

    Poll Pokemon Go - Which of you nerds is playing it?

    That's right, I'm calling all you nerds out. Who is playing it, and what team are you on?
  17. el jorge loco

    Congrats on Being a Married Man S-Bot!

    @S-Dawg Congratulations man! Best wishes to you and your better half!
  18. el jorge loco

    Happy Birthday Dickfor!

    I know I said this on FB (along with a bunch of us), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Dickfor. ! I hope you really enjoy not only this day, but this week. :problemo:
  19. el jorge loco

    BANNED Skittles - Wallhacking

    Name: Skittles SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82826571 Length: Permanent Reason: Wallhacking See attached demo.
  20. el jorge loco

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt

    Holy. Crap. Watch this anime now. First episode just came out. If you loved Cowboy Bebop, and you liked Universal Century Gundam.... watch this now. I'll write a review later. Unlike it's other series, Iron Blooded Orphans, Thunderbolt is ONA (Anime directly launched on the internet). The...