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  1. Gary(MONTANA)

    Hello out there

    Being one of the older members, I don't get out at all now. I saw the post by DOnk3yPunch3r, and thought I would say hi. One thing we can all say is that this clan was well know in the other CS circles. Keep your heads up and know we left a permanent mark in the CS gaming world. I built a 6...
  2. Gary(MONTANA)

    "Something on your computer is blocking the VAC System"

    That's the message when I get kicked out of CS. Normally I get to play until the map change (pistol round). But he last time I didn't even get to finish the round, I got kicked befor anyone got a chance to kill me. I've done all of the Steam suggestions and got rid of any boost (game and...
  3. Gary(MONTANA)

    Back to play!!!!

    I finally got rid of Hughesnet Sat. internet service. That thing was a big mistake! NO Gaming, No VOIP, service was limited to 10 gigs per month (download). I moved from Belgrade, MT to Burien, WA and now into a new house in Lake Stevens, WA (just outside of Everett, WA). I see that the...
  4. Gary(MONTANA)

    How to unlock to overclock

    I'm trying to overclock my computer using the AMD Overdrive program. I've already tried to do it in the bios. (But I couldn't get the area to highlight so as to make any changes). I'm having the same problem in the AMD overclock program. I have an AMD Phenom 9550 (Code name Agena)Quad core...
  5. Gary(MONTANA)

    CSS Golbal offensive

    Shit let's give it a try!
  6. Gary(MONTANA)

    App. for BF3 server slot

    Gary R. Kipfer 59 years old My location is Belgrade, Montana. The current temp is 2deg with 5 inches of snow MY in game name is Gary (MONTANA) Hobbies include: playing shooter type games on PC, hunting, (deer & elk, some moose while in Alaska,) fishing, although it seems to be more boating...
  7. Gary(MONTANA)

    Update problem

    how do I get around the update screw-up? I keep getting an error message that the replay.dll failed. I can't get on the sever, and a shit load of servers are down right now!!