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  1. Laski


    Been playing alot of D3 lately and was wondering if any of the ronins would like to play some D3 sometime MY D3 profile : Hova#1528 Hova - Community - Diablo III
  2. Laski

    MoBo upgrade

    My new MoBo is coming in the mail in 2 days and I need some help, I've never upgraded/changed a MoBo. My os is windows 7 New MoBo: - ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard
  3. Laski

    Need opinions.

    Planning on upgrading my cpu/ram/motherboard. I built my first gaming rig on a really low budget for about $600-700 dollars. I built it to play league and cs:go, but now I'm going to start playing cpu intensive games and plan on streaming LoL. My current specs that I plan on upgrading...
  4. Laski


    I went nuts its factory new and worth 300$ on via steam funds!!! I opened 7 cases today and got it on my 2nd case!!!
  5. Laski

    Good Dank Bru

    Yesterday I called in A Stable Carbocation to come ban him on the GO server for walling watched him fora couple maps got one demo. Today I had murkcity watch him and he was also convinced and so he perm banned Good Dank Bru. wallerv1 Demo link.
  6. Laski

    Laski's Application

    Name: Leonardo (Leo) Age: (Must be over 18!) 18 going turning 19 in December :) Location:Florida In Game nickname/nicknames: Laski Your favorite hobby: Long boarding and gaming :) Your favorite movie: Fast 6 Games you play: (Besides CS:S) CS:GO, League of Legends. How many hours a week are you...
  7. Laski

    The Rap God

  8. Laski

    What's up ladies and gents.

    Hey guys Laski here, posting another intro because I have been having a lot of free time lately and have been playing a lot of CS:GO and sometimes CS:S. For the new members who don't know me I am a former 47R member who enjoyed playing a lot of CS:S and having fun on the servers.. Glad to be...
  9. Laski

    Diamond rank? League of Legends

    LoL recently changed their ranking system and I just ranked up to diamond which is a division where most of the pro players play at, I'm happy to reach my achievement but there's one more rank higher then diamond which is "Challenger" I'll be going for it before this season ends wish me luck!
  10. Laski

    Zombieland movie/Tv series??

    Inb4 The Walking Dead copyright..
  11. Laski

    Need help deciding

    I'm going to upgrade my CPU to an i5, idk whether to get the ivy bridge or the sandy bridge. I plan on overclocking this CPU aswell with cooler master 212 evo cooling.. Any ideas an intel i5 is all I can afford at the moment and should be good for a while...
  12. Laski

    Jurassic Park 4! Finally...
  13. Laski

    Newegg Sale
  14. Laski

    Newegg 48 hour sale. 72 hour*
  15. Laski


    The Ronin Vent server is pretty dead people should start idling on the vent or just join there's nobody to talk to until the CS:S/GO servers are online.
  16. Laski

    Left 4 Dead Cosplay It's pretty good cosplay if you ask me..
  17. Laski

    Happy New Years from New Zealand

    Beautiful picture, so many colors..
  18. Laski

    I have a problem with Borderlands 2

    I run the game perfectly fine good FPS, I play the game fine for about 45mins to an hour and then the game randomly freezes.. I can't alt tab or open task manager only thing I can do is restart my computer.. I had the same problem with League of Legends I downgraded to a previous graphics driver...
  19. Laski

    Newegg after christmas sale
  20. Laski

    Did you honestly think he would do that..?