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  1. Fasttrak

    Video Cards

    There will be a market adjustment somewhere down the road, hold on to your pennies. The early inflationary numbers we are seeing now are just the tip of the iceberg, once the eviction mandates end and the State\Federal subsidies end it's going to get ugly. I'm pretty sure at that point GPU's are...
  2. Fasttrak

    Valheim, who's playing?

    A couple quick tips of learning the hard way, I refuse to watch other's playthroughs as I'd rather learn about the game by actually playing it. I am nearing 100 hours and just hitting the swamps. First thing I figured out is this is a persistent game, your player is the same regardless of the...
  3. Fasttrak

    Video Cards

    I keep praying for the total crash of bitcoin and everything like it. In need of an upgrade and there is nothing available at all. I refuse to pay scalper prices for new stock when the prices are approaching 100% increases. TMC and Samsung are laughing all the way to the bank, I might be crying.
  4. Fasttrak

    Valheim, who's playing?

    Looked the other night on friends list and half my list was actively playing Valheim. Pretty crazy how this game has elevated the genre of survival RPG's. Toss up your thoughts.
  5. Fasttrak

    Hello, I'm CutScene

    Cut, what Steam account number are you on at this point? Like number four? Hope you're doing well and that you find less reasons to rage on noobs these days. If you do rage, be sure to capture it for friends and family amusement, we miss those days.
  6. Fasttrak

    Hello out there

    It was always hilarious to hear Cutscene rip some noobs ass over something or other. I really wish we had saved video moments of the best times on the community server, it would be epic to go back and relive some of the hilarity.
  7. Fasttrak

    Anyone have a Galaxy S9+?

    I love the functionality of the Note series of phones but their massive size is a major turn-off for me. Just make me a nice sized, massive battery 4K MAH + and with a decent resolution screen. I don't need ten cameras, never use them or cinema quality screens don't watch videos often enough to...
  8. Fasttrak

    Sup Everyone!

    Heya Ghonzo, glad you got yourself into a house. Tossing money down the rat hole called rent is a dead end street. Hoping you folks down South are doing ok with all the craziness these last couple of weeks.
  9. Fasttrak

    Happy Holidays!

    Missed you post, Hunter. Hope everyone had a safe and sane Holiday Season. Just glad the insanity is over and back to quiet times in the liquor industry.
  10. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    Absolutely nothing abnormal at all, was kind of worried about drivers, weird peculiarities that used to plague the older systems. Dead nut stable and uninteresting in that regard. The reality is that my previous 6850 on a top of the line x299 motherboard was far more funky, occasional crash to...
  11. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    Hunter, what's the word on the next gen GPU's? One of my 1080's is acting up and not gonna dump money into another replacement. Thinking about getting another dual setup and curious what's on the horizon? You are always up to date and I have not bothered keeping track. Figure something has to be...
  12. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    It is a rehash of the liquid cooled Intel 6850 and dual 1080ti from a couple years ago I posted here with pictures. This one is just adding an Asrock water cooled x570 motherboard and the 3900X with the same 32GB CL 16 3200mhz Corsair ram. Honestly, this thing is running solid, not a single...
  13. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    My office used to be right around the corner from where you were working when we teamed up to help out Civil. These days I am forced to head to Fresno of all places for team meetings, ftmfl. Brokaw was so much closer even if the exchange from 880 to 101 sucks balls ;-P
  14. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    Really curious to see how that 5nm works out for them and the new graphics chips to hit next year could be interesting for consumers.
  15. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    These words are transmitted using AMD's special sauce, not used this sauce since before Core Duo. So far so good.
  16. Fasttrak

    delete account on 47ronin

    I will look into your account and send it to Icewolf to consider full removal on the server side. Some posts are tied to conversation strings and removal is not so simple and will not be carried out to damage thread integrity. Hope you understand, I doubt any gaming conversations are going to...
  17. Fasttrak


    Hola folks, been a while, hope everyone is kicking ass and taking names. I checked in late last year and the website was down, so glad to see it back up and running. Kind of glad my old motherboard died and I had to pull out my old computer as it had links to a ton of pages I had not been to in...
  18. Fasttrak

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

    God is it good to see this website up again. I tried late last year and it was not online and thought it had been shut down. I had a mishap with my system and am posting from my ten year old system until parts arrive on Monday. I went with the 3900x and another water cooled solution with an...
  19. Fasttrak

    Happy Birthday Snow!

    Ahhh, Happy birthday Snow!!
  20. Fasttrak

    Moving on...

    Good to see you are up and about these days. I would love to hear how the post motorcycle crash healing has gone for you, never did hear the outcome and how well you healed up. My deer strike has taken the better part of six years to get over and still the leg is not 100%, and your wreck was...