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  1. FuZion

    47r Discord Server

    Here is the discord invite. If you don't have discord it's free to download an a really good app for communities. I think this will make it easier for the community to stay connected since its easier to just check the channel.
  2. FuZion

    WoW Vanilla 47r Guild

    When WoW Vanilla releases I wanna play it. I never played it when I was younger, the thought crossed my mind checking the forums so I think this would be a fun idea. even if its in the future.
  3. FuZion

    Anyone interested in a new CS:S server?

    Seriously! They are only 6$ a month to rent with a 20% discount code I got. I have no problem paying that if anyone is interested.
  4. FuZion

    Volta already spotted! Heh heh heh hehhhhhhh, I'm excited for this, might be selling my 1080 soon :D
  5. FuZion

    New Intel CPU's 7800/7900 series

    I'm excited for this!
  6. FuZion

    Vega Information here!

    Hey guys, just wanted to post this here so that everyone can see some of the specs, It doesn't look like the new vega is going to beat a 1080 Ti but the prices will fall this holiday when it does drop. Check it out -...
  7. FuZion

    For Sale Selling Dawn of war 3 > 25$

    I pre ordered it but I dont really think im going to play it, anyone wanna buy it from me? I have the cdkey I'll just hand it over.
  8. FuZion

    Anyone care for a 47r Discord server?

    I notice a lot of you guys talk in the chatbox on the website. Should make a discord server for everyone to hang out in and talk, I get on discord all the time on my phone, It's hard to use the websites chatbox on my phone. I'll pitch the idea to Ice. What is discord you ask? GET A LIFE, no...
  9. FuZion

    Just ordered the new Razer Stargazer

    If none of you have heard of it and you are a streamer you might like it!
  10. FuZion

    Custom Loop 1080 MSI Seahawk EK build.

    I got a new card peeps! Check it out :) Runs great, just working on tweaking the overclocking since im pretty new to it.
  11. FuZion

    Selling - Nvidia 960 Brand New 100$

    I built a rig for my girlfriend in april, I decided to buy a 1070 on release in june and I'm going to put my 780 ti in my girls computer, which leaves the 960 just floating. It works great and I have everything for it including the box it ca me in. I got it for 200$. It is the 4gb version as...
  12. FuZion

    Battlefield 5 Trailer release soon Get your wallets ready!! Impending direct x 12 goodyness and 4k content!! Wo0t I can't wait. And yes I know the article doesn't say anything about dx12 or 4k but battlefield has always pushed the graphic...
  13. FuZion

    Need for Speed, anyone buy? 48$ on GMG

    Dont forget to use MAR20 when you checkout If you bought it let me know, lets throw down some gears!
  14. FuZion

    Looking to Buy 980 Ti

    So as the titles states im looking to buy a 980 Ti for a good valued price with 1080 around the corner. I don't believe the Ti will be out for a while so if your upgrading to a 1080 SLi because you just have some chump change laying around, let me be first to say ill buy one of your 980 Ti's...
  15. FuZion

    TC: The Division usernames

    If your playing the division and want to team up or whatever (I dont even know how this game works yet) and you dont suck, just kidding, add me fuzion3153
  16. FuZion

    Asus PG348Q Fuzion purchase thread

    This is solely for me to purchase the product through the 47r website so it gets some profit from it, its releasing at the end of this month. just ignore the thread...
  17. FuZion

    CSGO Programmer creates fake hacks to get 5k+ hackers banned!

    This shit is hilarious! I love it! I hope we get more people like this to make some fake hacks to get people banned. Counter-Strike Player Says Their Fake Hacks Got Thousands Of Cheaters Banned
  18. FuZion

    S> EVGA 780 Ti Classified

    I'll be back home in July this summer, I'm looking to sell my EVGA Classified 780 Ti for when the 980 Ti releases to upgrade. If anyone wants dibs on the 780 Ti let me know, only used it for about 6 months. It's in perfect condition, send me any offers you might want it for.
  19. FuZion

    FINALLY!! IPS 144hz G Sync 1440p 27"

    Acer XB270HU WQHD Gsync with IPS panel release date March 2015 price tba, guessing around 700.
  20. FuZion

    Lost Ark (Korean Diablo 3 remake MUST SEE)

    I highly suggest watching it in 1080p, game looks incredible. Hopefully it comes to the US in the near future.