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  1. Oregun

    Anyone play Ark Survival Evolved?

    Its a great survival game, absolutely love the little I have played of it. You basically start out as a caveman and evolve to modern day man, via skills/technologies from leveling up. You can also tame dinosaurs and fight em and build bases and all kinds of stuff. I am on server 306, if anyone...
  2. Oregun

    Will be MIA for a couple to a few weeks.

    I am having surgery today, cervical fusion. I will be resting and recovering. You will not see me get on, unless its my oldest son playing games. Ill see yall when I get back! GLHF!
  3. Oregun


    # 67 10 "✪ Snap" STEAM_1:0:119031157 25:34 106 0 active 128000 I am new to reporting and dont know how to create demo...demos were useless back in the day unless you had hacks installed and could see people tracing and such. Now they have built in x-ray to help. But anyways he was aimbotting...
  4. Oregun

    Windows 7 64bit Ultimate...

    I have a arghh...copy and it is now not genuine and no matter what I try and use, it still won't crack...anyone else having the same issue or a fix? Thanks in advance for any help or input.
  5. Oregun


    Anyone use it and if so, what games do you play? I have been playing with a friend using it, Torchlight 2 and Age of Empires II and Starcraft haha.
  6. Oregun


    I aint gonna lie, I am infuriated from last night still. I was in a premade MM and we were winning and the guy on the other side said "oh that seems sketchy" and then begins to just wreck us and being absolutely blatant about it. When we confronted him after he wallbanged the same guy in 2...
  7. Oregun

    The Division and Rainbow6 Seige.

    Anyone thinking about getting these and playing them? I dont know if my computer can even handle the division, might have to get some upgrades rofl, but plan on getting this one for sure...
  8. Oregun

    NBA Playoffs

    Anybody watching? Who do you think will be in the conference finals and the NBA finals? Who wins it all? My Blazers are screwed, 5 injuries in a week...I am going with Cavs vs GS for the finals, GS and Spurs in West Finals and Cavs and Hawks in East finals, GS wins it all.
  9. Oregun


    Does anyone have one and actively play it? If so, what games? Just fixed mine and my last of us disc is all scratched :(
  10. Oregun

    Insurgency Co-op

    Anyone play Insurgency Co-op? Should hit me up and lets do some games, its fun.
  11. Oregun


    Anyone here play H1Z1? Just curious...
  12. Oregun

    Approved Oregun

    Name: Jason Age: 30 years old Location: Portland, OR In Game nickname/nicknames: Oregun Your favorite hobby: Playing PC games like CS:GO, H1Z1, Dying Light, and pretty much any FPS. Your favorite movie: Fight Club, why? Because it's deep and thought provoking. More than just about some guys...