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  1. Havoc.Sp

    Origin humble bundle

    I just bought the new humble bundle and some some extra keys to games i already own so if anyone wants a key to: Dead space 1 Crysis 2 medal of honor (2010) Battlefield 3 Sims 3 + starter pack it's all yours. first come first served.
  2. Havoc.Sp

    Game of Thrones S3 (Possible spoilers!)

    Having read the books, this season is gonna be nuts. I'm really happy they split book 3 over two seasons because there is just so much shit that goes down. Only about a week and a half a until the premier!
  3. Havoc.Sp

    So today is my "birthday". Splurged just a bit.

    My birthday is really the 29th so here is to being 6 an 1/4! lol Time to put it through it's paces
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    just watch it

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    Arma 2 mods not named day z

    Arma 2 wasteland- basically its similar to day z without the zombies and loads and loads more weapons and vehicles. when you join a server you are asked to join one of three factions. blufor, opfor or independent. indys can kill anyone including other...
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    Having some trouble

    This has been happening recently and more frequently the past couple days. not sure if my display port cable is going out or if my AM cooler is bending the video card, or if its a drivers issue. The third seems unlikely because my secondary monitor is unaffected. I have a 7970 with an accelero...
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    Planetside 2 is out!

    Released today on steam. Anyone else going to be playing this? Played the beta and it was pretty fun.
  8. Havoc.Sp

    Dem Ducks Although we are coming into the toughest part of our schedule, and are pretty banged up, I fell pretty confident we can close out the season and get back to the natty and Mariota is probably the biggest reason why. Our D...
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    50% off Medal of Honor Warfighter for current/new BF3 premium members

    go to this site and log in with your origin account.
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    Borderlands 2: season Pass deal

    Season pass is all DLC bundled up. Green Man Gaming has it on sale for $22.50 as opposed to MSRP $30. Its not as good a deal as the pre-sale on GMG but not bad either. Use code: GMG25-EVFWS-4Z4ZN at check out.
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    AK first impressions

    I just played one map of Alborz Mtns, the one map I was really interested in, and was very stoked to find that it was a ton of fun. more of traditional style as it was really big with lots of vehicular combat but some good places for infantry battles. But it is also the only map I've played and...
  12. Havoc.Sp

    Arm. Kill patch notes (9/4)

    AK will be released 9/11 for premium and 9/25 for non-premium users. Here are the patch notes for thr patch realsed today to prep for AK. wil be interresting to see what they broke this time lol.
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    20% off any game at GMG

    use code PCGMR-GREEN-SUMMR @ to get 20% off. I got borderlands 2 for $40;)
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    Armored Kill gameplay video

    I think the first part with the tanks is just one section of the super big map. Kinda cool to have snow maps again, hopefully they will add a snow cammo.
  15. Havoc.Sp

    Things the last patch broke

  16. Havoc.Sp

    Question about running really old dos program on vista/xp

    My dad uses this PC from the early 90's, probably about '92, to run a dos program for work(runnin a AMD AM380 DX/DKL-40). Unfortunately the thing died today and now I am trying to figure out how to install the program on a newer pc. The problem is that the program is on those big 5" floppy...
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    Company of heroes 2 first details!

    Company of Heroes 2 first details: it’s in Russia, it’s snowy, it looks amazing | PC Gamer Company of Heroes 2 is coming! Relic, makers of Homeworld and Dawn of War, have finally announced the sequel to their glorious, Nazi-stomping World War II strategy game. If you want to read every...
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    BANNED columbiano- Racism

    STEAM_0:1:40214922 00:23 187 0 active # 1 Fred has chat log.
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    Battlefield 3 spectator mode and e-sports features teased by latest Battlelog update

    Battlefield 3 spectator mode and e-sports features teased by latest Battlelog update | PC Gamer
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    Always wanted to do this.

    Wood HTPC-case or something very similar. Would be pretty slick to have a nice little wooden HTPC by the 'ol flatscreen.