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  1. prezident

    For Sale Items - Replica Walther | Paintball Gear | Snowboarding Boots

    Hi guys, Check out the links below, let me know if you like anything you see. I give you special 47R discount! =D Replica Walther - Inquire for pics. Tippmann 98 & Gear Saloman Snowboarding Boots, Mens Size 9 Thanks!
  2. prezident

    GGDM CS:S Server?

    Any serious thoughts around starting up a ggdm server? I would be in it all the time, that's pretty much all I play on source now, and I know there are enough players to fill it. Dogz has 4 GGDM servers and they're full all the time. Thoughts?
  3. prezident

    Flashing Nexus N Beta my Nexus 6. Here goes nothin'. ROM available here.
  4. prezident


    Cool CS:GO website with rank statistics. CS:GO Squad - Player Ranks Database and Live Game Search
  5. prezident

    Did you know?

    Wow; I had no idea. Check it out.
  6. prezident


    ++$50 Free Lyft Credit: Tried Lyft Yet? Here's $50 in credit just for signing up. (New riders only) Just click the link above, and download the app, and you'll have $50 Lyft credit added to your account. The credit is spread $1o over 5 rides. So if you use Uber, take some free rides with...
  7. prezident

    Tom Clancy's The Division Open Beta

    Anyone check it out yet? It's pretty cool, excellent graphics too. Feels like a little mixture of Mass Effect and Army of Two, or any other cover based firefight games. Seriously worth checking out, and ... it's free!!! Steam URL - Pre-purchase Tom Clancy’s The Division™ on Steam
  8. prezident


    Let me know if you want one, first come first serve. I'll email you a link to DL the game, or just send it through Steam... Check out the gameplay here.
  9. prezident

    Chapo Capture Gunfight

    I just thought I'd leave this here... Bullets fly in raid that nets 'El Chapo' - CNN Video
  10. prezident

    Searching CSS Servers when in GO

    Anyone know if it's possible to search for CSS servers via console while you're in CSGO?
  11. prezident

    Approved Hey guys

    I been around for a while now, I ain't going no where. No matter what troubled start I had with 47R when I was a kid (know I was loud and annoying, and still am, I just try to tone it down), no matter where I pub, I still rep 47R in my heart. Just let me tag-up. Your 47R CSS server could use...
  12. prezident

    CSS PUB Saturday Night Madness 9/12/15

    Trying to get the pub server going tonight...
  13. prezident

    Free Bfbc2 Key

    I bought an extra bfbc2 key and don't need it. If anyone wanta it lmk. I will gift it to you via steam
  14. prezident

    BF3 Co-Op

    Anyone who's down to help me finsish bf3 co-op, hit me up tonight. prezident or natheus07
  15. prezident

    L4D2 First Time Campaign

    Join me in my first L4D2 Campaign tonight if you would like to replay. I just installed to night and am looking for peeps to survive the journey with!
  16. prezident

    NVIDIA Gfx Card Comparison

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about upgrading to SLI, two brand new cards. After doing some crude cost/benefit analysis based on G3D benchmarks and cost of each card (source), I'm still a bit torn. Each price below has been evaluated against GTX 670's in SLI. This does not factor in the price of a...
  17. prezident

    Come Visit the Source Server

    Taking on all challengers.
  18. prezident

    Shots Fired in Boston tonight, Marathon Bombing Suspect Captured and Accused

    Live Feed: Boston Police Scanner:
  19. prezident

    Game Content Conversion

    Oh sweet baby jesus...initiating content conversion now... DONT GET JACKED DONT GET JACKED DONT GET JACKED ....
  20. prezident


    So I recently re-discovered that BF3 is really fun, and the gfx are second to none. Add me natheus07; if u down....sukka.