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  1. dallas

    Hockey Jerk

    Ouch that guy is brootal in his shirt selection. I don't know much about hockey but I smell the greatest playoff comeback ever when Van wins four in a row.
  2. dallas

    Eat One Doob. Proof Son!

    So I told Doob he had to play left 4 dead last night because I was moving to India the next day to work at the steel mills making those round lunch pails people in India eat out of. He didn't believe me, so here is the proof. Me with some Indian chicks and some Indian brosef. It's really...
  3. dallas

    Report Players Offline ban needed, kthnx.

    The Dirty Dugger : STEAM_0:1:13039226 Got in the server a second late and the hacker had bailed. Whole server will verify. Dirty has his steam ID though, just ask him to tell you about it lol.
  4. dallas

    Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun for free

    FilePlanet: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (Full Game) Hungry? Well feast on this!
  5. dallas

    Borderlands 2 official release date

    The official date is... SEPTEMBER 18th. Amazon had previously and incorrectly had it set for June 31st. God I am so excited. I am tempted to pre-order now, not because of the silly in game extras, but just for the game itself.
  6. dallas

    BANNED Climax 4D

    37 "Climax | 4D" STEAM_0:0:5509413 Our punk buster was going off, and Fred called me in to ban. Def aimbot, upside down screen and all. My admin ban powers were taken away or something so had to use vote ban. All but one in the server voted yes...
  7. dallas

    Yo Nerds, You Know Android Stuff?

    Hey I just got a new phone. An android Optimus Slider. It's a good phone for Virgin Mobile. I never had a android before. I never had a camera with a phone before. Can you nerds suggest some cool apps for me? Also just basic phone tips would be appreciated. I only have facebook, netflix and...
  8. dallas

    Ugliest NBA Players

    Some of them aren't too ugly but a lot of what this guy says its just hilarious. Especially about Cheryl. Funny stuff.
  9. dallas

    Enikxe or Dick4 is this real?

    Is this real? If so that is amazing and utterly inventive. I am sure the scent will wear out with time but god damn on novelty alone I want a bill. 100 Candian, what's that like a nickel for us?
  10. dallas

    BANNED Al Groper, washed his mouth out with soap.

    Constant bad mouthing about any and everyone. Called everyone a blankety blank blank hacker if they killed him and stuff like that. Warned many many times by the 47R members. Gave him a one week hammer to get his attitude in check. *DEAD* Al Groper : 3 x cunt 10 x fuck 50x shit *DEAD* Al...
  11. dallas

    BANNED TGS The Glockness Monster

    Screen shake, auto aim. I have a blatent demo of him just shaking and getting head shots. I'll post If i need to but honestly just blatent. STEAM_0:1:44913889
  12. dallas


    Real Name: David Age: 26 Job: Izakaya chef Something about yourself: I love French house music (circa 1990-2003) and Nordic music. I am a tall Asian man that is very un-asian. I bet I am the best basketball player in the 47R clan, think you are better? I would love to play! Favorite game...