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  1. liljenn

    Google Galaxy Nexus

    So, I am a super big fan of the Google Nexus phones as I am a proud owner of their very first Nexus. When they released the Nexus S, I was super sad I couldn't upgrade yet BUT now I am super happy I didn't get it because the Galaxy Nexus is going to be so much more bomb! :thumbsup...
  2. liljenn

    Insane dubstep beatbox.

    No joke, this guy is sick as fuck. I didn't even know dubstep was beatbox-able!
  3. liljenn

    Hunter X Hunter

    Uh, omg remake. Not really digging the new character voices but still going to watch it because I am praying they go past Greed Island! Hopefully it will turn out like FMA Brotherhood did!
  4. liljenn


    Gonna be in NYC for the weekend because a friend is getting married. Anyone gonna be around? Probably not, but hey, ya neeeverrrrrrrr know!
  5. liljenn


    I just thought I'd say... I MISS YOU GUYS! A LOT! I have been slacking in ALL my classes and I am definitely regretting it. I thought I'd have time to shoot people with you guys on the weekends but uhhh, yea~~~ And I really, really, really miss you fuckers. Sincerely, Princess Jen P.S. You...
  6. liljenn

    47r VS. Pub -- 8/19/2011

    Look how lucky I was to log in to a bunch of poop faces :) Great way to end my night before I move to school, thanks dudes <3
  7. liljenn

    47r vs. Pub - 8/14/2011

    It was insane because everyone kept talking over each other but it was a fun night~ I just wish we won more! :cry:
  8. liljenn


    Fuzion, your wish is my command :) Nujabes is my all time favorite go to for chill music. If you haven't heard of him, please do check him out. His music was in Samurai Champloo, so you know he's awesome. Here's a few videos of some classics, enjoy! :thumbsup:
  9. liljenn

    Pandora Hearts I just recently re-watched this series and started on the manga since the anime ended at 25 episodes. The storyline is so confusing! I just want to connect all the pieces of the story already :( Also, Lacie is such a beautiful melody :)...
  10. liljenn

    Hayao Miyazaki

    What kind of anime thread would this be without mentioning Miyazaki?! I just wanted to recommend the ones I have watched (which is almost all of them): Spirited Away Howl's Moving Castle Princess Mononoke Graveyard of the Fireflies Nausicaa Castle in the Sky Totoro Kiki's Delivery...
  11. liljenn


    So, Hellsing Ultimate OVA 8 was recently released and I decided to watch the entire thing over. SO DAMN GOOD. Has anyone read the manga? I might start reading it.
  12. liljenn

    Oh, Canadians...

    So, blood & I are having a conversation about music... ß|o0d F|3nĐ: haha, i can't listen to radio liljenn: orlando radio is even worse ß|o0d F|3nĐ: u live in cali eh liljenn: no liljenn: lol liljenn: orlando! ß|o0d F|3nĐ: orlando? isnt that in california ß|o0d F|3nĐ: ahh florida nvm...
  13. liljenn

    Vote for ME! Please? :)

    I posted this on the 47r Facebook group but I figured maybe some people only read the forums! I submitted an entry for a scholarship and was chosen as one of the 30 finalists. I need the most votes to win and I would appreciate it VERY much if you guys could vote for me! It's once per day until...
  14. liljenn

    ♔ Princess Jen ♔

    Name: Princess Jen ♥ Age: 24 Location: Orlando, Florida In Game nickname/nicknames: liljenn, jenfatale, jennitals Your favorite hobby: Couch potato-ing, traveling, spending time with good company. Your favorite movie: Spirited Away Games you play: L4D2, Magicka, TF2, Words with friends...
  15. liljenn

    ♔ Princess Jen ♔

    ♥ liljenn | jenfatale | jennitals -- oh yakno~~ ♥ Name: Jennifer (in case you didn't figure that out yet :p) Age: 24 Ethnicity: Taiwanese Occupation: FT student @ UCF for BA in Biology I currently reside in Orlando, Florida but I was born and raised in Flushing, Queens, NYC. I love...