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    Dooms Day Preppers will be treated as terrorists Nationalgaurd gun confiscation
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    Cant be neutral on a moving train - Vinnie Paz

    a history lesson in a track , very impressive
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    Will the real mitt romney please stand up

    Pretty sure Mitt Romney would approve this message Skip to 20sec
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    L4D2 - 101 Minutes on Bridge

    My team together were tougher than Alcatraz :eek:
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    Justin Bieber puking on stage

    Poor kid even hes realising his music sucks that bad
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    The Power of Music

    as real as it comes , much respect for these types maybe because raw people are rare nowadays , cause of all the fakeheads
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    Me VS Nike+ community

    Looking over my Nike+ profile earlier to see all the new changes & they added this new feature where you can compare yourself to the same age groups on several levels , seen this & it got me wondering where peoples motivations at ! Vinnie Pazs profile - Nike+ 3 weeks
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    "Cheesesteaks" - Vinnie Paz

    New track off "The God of the Serengeti" Album , a dose of the real raw type shit thought Id share with you guys
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    A new feature for the Apple iOS 6 on

    the way Alex explains it in the video is something you'd see in a Sci Fi » Apple’s iOS 6 Includes ‘Government Alerts’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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    Those of us who were around for the 90s Cartoon Rugrats comes this twisted "Movie" :-)
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    Is this Our Human Nature ?
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    June 6th 1944 , DDAY Good morning everyone, today is the 68th anniversary of an invasion of a small beach in France during a dark time in the world's history. It was here that the fate of the entire conflict, known as the Second World War was changed drastically and could have easily gone...
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    Owner Turns House Cat Into a Helo

    :O_o: Cats away! Artist turns his dead pet into flying helicopter after it is killed by a car | Mail Online
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    Mos Def - I'm Leaving [Good Vibes]

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    Re-Education Camps in 'Merica

    Maybe the first you've heard of this , if so The article : Heres the leaked PDF from that article : I have read the entire...
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    Oath of the Goat - ILL BILL & The Pazman

    Wicked video
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    L4D2 World Record Survival Set at Motel

    World Record set at Motel Survival mode , no glitches no bullshit Lovely live action shot of [eM]Chains sniper position . Ran long way for ammo after 30 minutes . [eM]Linkin disconnected & came right back
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    Canadian Vs 'Merica Tug O War !

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    Paintball Rush