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  1. BOT Yao

    endgame wall hacking banned

    Player EndGame No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:118649405 Steam Community 76561198197564539 new account and wall hacking banned
  2. BOT Yao

    need a offline ban

    STEAM_0:0:105445227 ID: banh mi thit nuong This kid was wall hacking and calling everyone a n****r. He left after I slayed him once for typing the N word in chat and told him this is your last warning. He also has a VAC ban on him.
  3. BOT Yao

    Yo STEAM_1:1:89393337

    well this is a first, this guy is posting aimbot commercial in the server, kinda interesting so ya ... DEAD* Yo : VAC3 Undetected Cheats for CSGO, GMOD, CSS, L4D2 and many more! | | Premium Rage/Legit CSGO Cheat DEAD* Yo : VAC3 Undetected Cheats for CSGO, GMOD, CSS, L4D2 and many...
  4. BOT Yao

    Gaspar! build one of these!!

    @Col. Gaspar build one of these!! this looks sick
  5. BOT Yao

    The theories behind flight MH370

    I know this article is probably full of bullshit but its pretty interesting. The stuff they talk about actually makes some what of sense. I think at this point, anything is possible. PressTV - Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff
  6. BOT Yao

    STEAM_0:1:8847204 Nutmeg

    He is already be banned for 240 minutes, but honestly I think he should be getting a perm. ban. This guy nonstop talking shit on the server, so @WarFreakz told him to leave. He refuse to leave and start talking racial shit to Warfreakz and I. I already messaged to @Nutbutter about this.
  7. BOT Yao

    My new set of golf clubs!!!

    I finally took the time to finish my tournament set so I can go play some tourney when I have time. @Nutbutter @johnny5 I bet you guys would enjoy this set! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. BOT Yao

    California into 6 states

    Plan to split California into six states closer to vote I seriously just think Tim Draper wants to be the new governor of Silicon Valley and I seriously doubt the congress is going to open the idea splitting California into 6 states. This means 10 more seats in the senate and most of the house...
  9. BOT Yao

    banned Ebola

    *DEAD* BOT Yao : really? *DEAD* BOT Yao : u gonna talk shit in our server? *DEAD*(Terrorist) Red Giant (TTL)_†D☆H† : 1 bullet will kill him *DEAD* Ebola : yea *DEAD* Daryl : who arre you talking to yao? *DEAD* Ebola : lrn english 1st though *DEAD* Fenris : lol.... The 47 Ronin CS:S...
  10. BOT Yao

    Dell has one of the best customer services ever

    I been getting blue screen of death with my computer like almost ever other day, so I reformatted the computer and my CS:GO's resolution just went wild. I called Dell's customer service and they are sending a tech to replace all computer parts in my computer, Motherboard, RAM, Hard Drive, and...
  11. BOT Yao

    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition $0 at Nintendo

    Ends 2/2. Nintendo is offering The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition (Nintendo 2DS/3DS) for $0 downloaded. This enhanced port includes a new single-player mode where players have the ability to control two Links and switch between them to progress through the levels. The Official...
  12. BOT Yao

    Soooooo porn is evil?

    There is this post circulating around my news feed on Facebook. The post talks about porn is the fundamental root cause of human trafficking and sex trade. They are trying to raise fund to start a movie to show men that watching porn is bad and everyone should stop. What is everyone take on...
  13. BOT Yao

    This is too funny not to share

    I used to fly 3 times a week for 2 and half year straight. This letter from this "Rich Wisken" guy to the airlines is too funny not to share. I can totally understand how he felt during that flight. I had so many of the same experience as him. Guy Writes The Greatest Complaint Letter Ever To...
  14. BOT Yao

    What is seriously consider as breaking news??

    So today, MSNBC was doing a interview with Congresswoman Jane Harman regarding NSA spying scandal. NSA has been keeping taps on everyone's news is is pretty much a HUGE deal, so I don't understand how a interview with a congresswoman regarding NSA is less important than Justin Bieber getting...
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  16. BOT Yao

    I am beginning to hate cops

    This is really getting out of hand here in Los Angeles. First off, cops beats a homeless guy to death and found innocent? Second, Cops sexually assault a girl and dump her body in the middle of the street? Seriously, they need a system to keep cops in check here.
  17. BOT Yao

    Hip Hop is DEAD

  18. BOT Yao

    any golfer here??

    I was wondering if anyone here plays golf??
  19. BOT Yao

    BOT Yao Application

    Name: Yao Age: 27 Location: Los Angeles, CA In Game nickname/nicknames: BOT Yao Your favorite hobby: Golf and beer pong Your favorite movie: Happy Gilmore Games you play: Dota How many hours a week are you online: est. 20 Your previous squad/team: N1NJ4 Why did you leave your last squad: it was...