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  1. Aion

    Hello from me

    Hey fellas, its been a while since we all played together. well for me anyways. missed the good old days. i finally jump in and played maybe few months ago and saw Jorge still plays. just came by here to check if the forum still here and found theres still a few pips left. well hopefully we...
  2. Aion

    Anyone have a Galaxy S9+?

    nice one. i have note 10 + and love it.
  3. Aion

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    merry Christmas all.
  4. Aion

    Counter Strike: Source DeVgRu's Application

    welcome bud. +1 for me.
  5. Aion

    Free Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

    HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN [PC DOWNLOAD] | Square Enix Online Store
  6. Aion

    Evga Gtx 750Ti

    980 Ti is too much money. i can only afford the 750 ti. lol
  7. Aion

    Evga Gtx 750Ti

    Thanks guys. Finally bought it. Hey jorge its here in canada. Surrey. They dont even have a website. Lol. I just saw their ad at a local newspaper. They specialize on cellphone and pc repair.
  8. Aion

    Evga Gtx 750Ti

    Hey giys. Just wondering about this card. Its onsale right now at our local shop for $120 plus 20 mail in rebate. Any reviews?
  9. Aion

    Post your gaming rigs pictures!

    i only play css. i get around 150 fps at 1600x900
  10. Aion

    Counter Strike: Source Theodre's Application

    welcome bud. finally. +1 for me.
  11. Aion

    Post your gaming rigs pictures!

    Here is my setup
  12. Aion

    Post your gaming rigs pictures!

    Heres what i have built so far. Corsair carbide 100r case coolermaster 550watts psu A10-6800k apu with Asus A55m mobo Zalman CNPS10x Performa air cooling 2x kingston 128gb SSD 3x 1tb HD Nvidia Zotac GTX 560SE What do you guys think of my setup?
  13. Aion

    looking for cpu cooler.

    Thanks kam for suggestion. I bought zalman cnps10x performa and it did a great job on it. I got new pc case too. Corsair carbide 100r. I just need to add 3 more 120mm case fan and it should be fine.
  14. Aion

    looking for cpu cooler.

    @kami, i have amd fm2
  15. Aion

    looking for cpu cooler.

    hey guys, anyone have water cooler for Amd lying around?
  16. Aion


    i know. even i dont have admin
  17. Aion

    Counter Strike: Source BlueDraggo's Application

    Welcome bud. Nice to see u here.
  18. Aion

    For Sale Free Soundblaster xfi Fatal1ty pro

    oh nut.... you beat me to it.
  19. Aion

    Auto parts

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Really appreciate it. Ive been paying so much here for parts and its time now to buy from across the border.
  20. Aion

    Auto parts

    Parts here aross the border is way overprice. Ill have a look at those companys. Ill have them ship it to my US adress.that will be cheaper.