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  1. kaiki

    Is hardening stainless steel necessary?

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this into the non-sense section because it doesn't make much sense to most people to harden stainless steel even further to improve properties such as wear resistance. As most people know, stainless steel is quite hard and wear resistant already. Of course it depends...
  2. kaiki

    What are your favourite mangas?

    Hi, I'm curious as to what your all-time favourite mangas are. I'll start. 1) Naruto 2) Attack On TItan 3) One Piece 4) Bleach 5) DBZ
  3. kaiki

    UK newbie!

    Hi guys, my name is Killian and I'm from London. I'm looking forward to some fun gaming =) & I just wanted to come by and say hi...
  4. kaiki

    A/C Problems

    I own a Toyota 2010 corolla and somehow, it never gets cold in my car, unless I blast my A/C on full for straight up 10 minutes... When I put my hands on it I can feel how cold the air is, so I don't quite understand how the cold air never seems to stick around. Has anyone ever had this problem...