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  1. BigNutZz

    Is there a way to close this forum account?

    I will like my account deleted and all my post deleted.. There has been breach of security and I want to close this account.
  2. BigNutZz

    Is there a way to close this forum account?

    I would like to know if there is a way to close this account and delete all post. ? For personal reasons, I would like to close my account.
  3. BigNutZz

    Is there a way to close this forum account? I want to close it off and delete all my post for...

    Is there a way to close this forum account? I want to close it off and delete all my post for personal reasons.
  4. BigNutZz

    First time action

    Well, yesterday was the first piece of action I got from the 47R Squad server since my account has been unbanned. The server had no issues and the connection was steady with no ping jumps.. However the action seemed very stale and boring. I don't know what happened to the life it once had...
  5. BigNutZz

    Signs of the times?

    Hello all. As we work and play and get caught up in day to day activities. We some times lose touch with what's going on with the world we live in today. I found this YouTube user to be very informative and in depth with the signs of the times aligning with Biblical prophecy . Whether your a...
  6. BigNutZz

    Hello my name is?

    Hello 47r community. My name is Tony. I go by the name of BigNutZz. I figured the name would work as a two edged sword to different types of people. I am a Bible believing Christian . And cant begin to tell you all how much God has been good to me. I really like this server and used to play in...
  7. BigNutZz

    My account is banned?

    So what is the status? Am I going to be unbanned or not?
  8. BigNutZz

    Is there any way to delete this forum account and have it closed?

    Is there any way to delete this forum account and have it closed?
  9. BigNutZz

    My account is banned?

    Hello, I've decided to get back into playing some CS. I really enjoyed playing at this 47r server. I was a supporter and have donated in the past. It seems after several years of inactivity I am banned from this server. I don't know the reason to be honest. However I just want to play and...
  10. BigNutZz

    Your Information is being sold Online

    That is phugken bs..And mark my words..This is just the start of things..Soon they are going to be able to know everything at any moment's time about what we are doing...thru Net..Smartphones..etc etc..Our Freedom is being taken away from us inch by inch..Obama is pushin for regulating the...
  11. BigNutZz

    Are you going to be buying MW3?

    I couldnt get mine just yet..Once i do..I got u Surrender..
  12. BigNutZz

    The Lengths we go for Sex mann..sound lyke me..ahahahahah
  13. BigNutZz

    Are you going to be buying MW3?

    now on ps3 the results of u being top dawg might be a little different..i work wonders with my shottie on cod mw3...beeeaasttt....
  14. BigNutZz

    zombie outbreak possible?

    AHAHHAHAH..LOL..NOT REAL BUDDY...Armegeddon may happen..But Aliens and Zombies are made up.And all fake..
  15. BigNutZz

    UNBANNED Unban / Admin abuse

    AS A SIDE NOTE.. I also heard that Admin has authority to up the ante on Registry?? I have love for this Server..But Reg should be even on all counts..For a Fair and even game..rt?
  16. BigNutZz

    So who is moving from big banks to credit unions?

    I will be making the move to CU...They have better rates..Less Fess,Friendlier Customer Service etc etc..Big Banks got bailed out with our Tax money..And now they are drilling us with fee's..Its a no Brainer..Make the Move..
  17. BigNutZz

    The fitness thread! (trash talkers need not apply)

    I tend to go by this health creed,And it works for me....Eat like a King for Breakfast.Prince for Lunch..Peasant for Dinner..You do have to fuel your body in order for your metabolism to kick in gear..With snacks in between..Also Balance plays a key part in our immune system..If you take a new...
  18. BigNutZz

    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    AHAHAHAHHA..Thats a tight pic..
  19. BigNutZz

    Eminem, Slaughter House, Yellawolf - Shady 2.0 Cypher 2011 BET Music awards

    YAH HELL Yeah...i was just watchin this the other day..Em is too much..This cypher was hella tight..
  20. BigNutZz

    Moammar Gadhafi

    I like Donald Trump's take on Ghaddafi's death...BIG DEAL..So what did we gain out of this?