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    In memory of my Father, Paul David Osbon, and..

    to spread awareness. My Dad fell ill with a disease known as ALS.. I just thought I'd post it on here to help spread awareness. I'm not looking for donations or anything although we are trying to reach a goal of $1,000 towards a cure and we're more than half way this year. So please take a...
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    Sorry for my lack of activity..

    A good friend of my recently passed away and my b-day just passed.. had a lot going on. Again, sorry! >.<
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    Nightwish <3 Love to rock out to this one! :D
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    I'm back from Cali.! Didn't have access to the internet on a PC, sorry guys!
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    List of favorite bands/artist?

    This took me a few hours to make.. still not complete but here it is! :) **A** A-Ha Abe Dugue AC/DC Ace of Base Aerosmith Alice Cooper Alice Deejay Alice in Chains Alkaline Trio Amorphis Anabolic Frolic Anglespit Aqua Arch Enemy Asia ATC Autograph Azzido Da Bass **B**...
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    How in Gods name..

    Did I lose 4,190 positions in the ranks in one session when I didn't even die once?? This just happened 3:53 AM.. I don't understand how I went from 65 to 5,000 something. :( I was working hard on that rank.
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    My fave. version of Rebecca Black's "Friday"!!

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    Does anyone play RUNESCAPE!?

    If so, you should totally add me or give me your screen name and combat level. My SN; DemonicFetus, level 92.
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    Would anyone with photoshop or something like it..

    Be able to make me a spray for CS:S? I want a "Proxyhox" spray, preferably psychedelic and Dark at the same time.. that would be AWESOME and I would love you forever and always. :)
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    CS:S GunGame server..?

    I can't seem to find it!! What is the I.P. address? I feel kinda dumb not being able to find it myself haha!
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    I just wanna let everyone know..

    I'll be going to California on the 29th, I'm not too sure how long for as of now. Might be for 2-3 days and 2 weeks. No longer than that I should think.. so anyways, I wont have access to CS:S but I might still be able to get on the forums depending on how patient I am with my grandparents...
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    Need some opinions on headsets!

    What do you all think would be the best headset to buy on a $75 budget??
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    Best band on Earth; RUSH
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    What's everyone's favorite RPG's??

    Mine are; Every Final Fantasy, MegaMan X (for PS1), Wild Arms 1 & 2, Runescape, WoW, The Legend of Dragoon, Heroes of Might and Magic, Oblivion, Fable III. :p
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    Hiya! I'm Andrew.. some people call me Old English because I'm English and drink a lot of O.E. CS:S and Music are my addictions. I smoke too many cigs, I drink far too often and I like to push people buttons to see their reactions. I'm very sarcastic and sometime people take me far too...
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    Proxyhox's application. :D

    Name: Andrew J. Osbon Age: 21 Location: Avondale, Arizona In Game nickname/nicknames: Proxyhox, DemonicFetus, Crackerhax Your favorite hobby: Photography/Paintball Your favorite movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Back to the Future trilogy Games you play: Pretty much anything...