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  1. mclovin

    Red dead 2

    Any of you guys playing online? Xbox or ps4? What ability cards you rolling? Just getting opinions, il post my loadouts if I get a reply
  2. mclovin

    life after benders

    some mind bemders i know our old friend tom would appreciate.... "The OA"- my review of it was good but just too funky at the end (wont say more no spoilers course) "The discovery" dooode. like Schrodinger cat box theory but more in depth, and i really believe in it.... to a degree im just...
  3. mclovin

    RIP civil servant

    Most of you don't know civil, he was the first admin I encountered on the 47r CS servers.... back in 2009. and the only one to lobby for me not being banned when i was a stimulated drugged uP shit lord. :D It is more than that, however much more. Im so sorry for anyone who is hearing this for...
  4. mclovin

    why hello there pats fans... yiss. YEUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS! yah yah you beat my favorite team in the superbowl, and are against fully 'flated balls bla bla bla... but this is nice :D but for real your backups and team has played phenomenal...
  5. mclovin

    2016-2017 NFL season

    alright so we all know seahawks are going too the superbowl and russel Wilson will be mvp, but here are my other predictions -cowboys will be a force to be reckoned with, with rookie dak Prescott at the helm,they'll do good and when romo isn't injured anymore there will be controversy (as much...
  6. mclovin

    The Revival

    I know we've all got real jobs and life to deal with... but when I hop in and see a top 3 thread that's last reply was from julu 18th...? its ridiculous I miss the b.s and structured debates we had on threads back in the day you guys are great people (especially the ones I've played with since...
  7. mclovin

    Friend of mine sent me these check it out!

    These are all high defintion prints from a guy in my Chivalry ♥ community i run. he was kind enough to send them to me for free, their original photoshopped, and printed and whatever big fancy words u use. sorry the pic quality is bad but just thought i'd share his work with you guys. There's...
  8. mclovin

    if youve seen star wars watch this

    'IM MATT' oh my god i loved this skit so much
  9. mclovin

    Waste his time 2016

    Wastehistime2016 thought this might make for a good discussion... what? holy shit i'm mad. Really, and what's worse, is guys are coming up with a rebuttal of acting equally as shitty with "wastehertime2016" its a bunch of immature bullshit butt hurt singles coming together to create hell for...
  10. mclovin


    merry christmas guys! post up pics of your gifts/family and other such nonsense! I got nothing yet, its still technically christmas eve, but i feel a good thread to BS about our gifts sounds needed
  11. mclovin

    my first attempt at riding a hover board

    IT HURTSSSS GUISE harder than u think! i'm actually really good at it now though....
  12. mclovin

    facebook gun control post

    i put this in nonsense zone, because THIS IS NOT A DEBATE or argument, this is me laughing my ass off everytime i see this posted on facebook. you wanna argue gun control go somewhere else. i just can't help but picture the stereotypical overweight hardcore 'amurican' conservative guy or a...
  13. mclovin

    Elevation training mask 2.0 (review in progress)

    This is for all you guys who go to the gym regularly, or are hoping to get into working out. Training Mask 2.0 - Elevation Training Mask simulates high altitudes, using state of the art breathing valves and a bunch of patents and stuff. I haven't customized my altitude yet, I just used what...
  14. mclovin


    HOLY CRAP I KNOW a lot of us, including me, aren't avid MMO players, or atleast have been in years past,, but holy shit. this just brings it full circle to what i gave my life away too the all those years! STILL, FOR THE ALLIANCE so excited!
  15. mclovin

    washington meet up! 11/05?!?!

    any of you washington guys up for a meet up tomorrow night at the lynwood bowling alley? me and a bud from work are taking 2-4 girls (hopefully 4) to the alley from 9-12 and i figure if any of you guys are free, come join us and have a few beers, even for an hour i got like 20 dollars in arcade...
  16. mclovin

    Battlefront Beta Free

    So came out yesterday, just download origin from EA, and download, about 10gigs, took me an hour and a half so far it really like it, its definetly not a battlefield game. graphics have huge potential, but its beta of course so it shows, but damn theres still some pretty moments I'm not gonna...
  17. mclovin


    holy shit HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT:fadancing:
  18. mclovin

    Fantasy football '15 discussion

    So i'm gonna start this up, and i'd think it should be sticky'd for this season :P post your lineups, league rule type, and the number of users for starters just a good discusion on who to start sit, drafting strategies, and bragging about your general lineups... i'll throw this out to...
  19. mclovin

    intense job interview tomorrow...

    now you all know what i 'used' to be like, well tomorrow i have an interview with my district manager about promoting me to operations manager at my store. he has a history of not liking me, probably because how i used to be like 2 years ago, very inconsistent. i've been perfect since then but...
  20. mclovin

    okay im officially DIEING

    I don't browse these kind of post/suggestion videos', it came up while i was drinking and binge watching some netflix. holy shit i need opinions, how many cocaines or marijuanas does she do a day?! i want to be ritch for doing this noaw.