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    I want to protect American Jobs he said.....

    Exclusive: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers| Reuters welp....
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    This is a first.....

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    More Taxes?!?!?

    California Mileage Tax Would Charge Drivers Based on Distance Driven | NBC Southern California Really?....Even if they remove the gas tax and start 0.05 cents per mile....u still pay AT LEAST 50% more! Sigh, ..first people buy hybrids and now they cnt get enough money from...
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    Sigh....and this world gets stupider and stupider..... How do they come up with these laws?....
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    Pretty cool for a news reporter haha

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    That about sums it up....

    Watch 15 Magically Awkward Seconds Roll By While A Man Panics After Accidentally Insulting America Sad, but true.
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    This games looks fucking sick!!! If i build my PC I'm def getting this! Make sure to check out the 5:45 minute mark!!! FREAKING AWESOME!
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    Well this is interesting. . .

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    Another amazing joke...

    This guy is amazing hahaha
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    Why 64 tick comp servers blow

    Pretty much explains it self . . .
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    So who's going to watch Ghost Tits? :o

    Heres the trailer .. Or whoever has watched it already :P haha
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    Key Binds?

    Hey Guys I was curious to know mainly what key binds do you guys use for jump and duck? I use both mwheelup and mwheeldown for jump. For duck I use spacebar, but having small issue lately because my aim keeps changing every time I duck. Kind of finding it difficult to use space for jump and...
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    Need Help Choosing external HDD

    Well, I've finally installed windows on my macbook pro! So I should get more fps while gaming, Idk …haven't tried yet! but fingers crossed!! BUT anyway, I need an external hdd for my macbook pro. Need at least 500gb. Got any suggestions? ( Again i got no idea what to look into) was thinking to...
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    Need help…Cost?

    Ok guys I have a macbook pro at the moment, but I do want a PC now to play some games like Rome 2, BF4 etc etc and stuff without any lag whatsoever. How would it cost? I have about 500 dollars at the moment, planning to add maybe another 200-300 more? Any ideas are greatly appreciated as I...
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    Vie on Salvage Title cars?

    Hey guys, I was just curious whats your guys' view on cars with a salvage title. From what i understand if the damage is more then 70% of your cars current worth - the insurance basically declares it to totaled. Then some fixes it up etc etc.. I could be wrong - not entirely sure. The...
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    These men have balls of steel……hell titanium ….

    craziest shit….need real guts to do this…. 98 year old sport….over 200 riders have died already... I wonder how difficult it is to see the road ahead and make such quick turns when traveling at such speeds….
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    Need a new mouse

    Anyone got any recommendations for a new mouse? Not looking to spend a ton of money on it And its for my macbook pro retina Thanks in Advance
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    Team AutoBalance Fix…..

    Hey guys, recently the servers' auto balance has been really unfair lately. Its been like this for a couple of days now and the teams are continuously stacked. The good players from the losing side get switched to the winning side and its not just happened once. Its been happening for a long...
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    Peaking in CS:GO

    First of all Im not sure if Im posting in the right section, so IM REALLY SORRY. ( Kind of new to the forums and the red and black background kind of making it hard to find stuff =/. ) Hi I had a question regarding peaking. If you peak around the corner and if the guy is there does he see if...