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  1. prcvl.duckyyy

    LL CooL jtCheeKz

    I'm a car enthusiast too! Did I just read body shop? I might just have to hit you up when I need body work done. Ahaha
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    thanks errboddy
  3. prcvl.duckyyy


    Ahaha, thanks guys! Say hi IGN if you guys see me on! And Buddhist, 370z is a nice car. Fast for its weight. ahhaha, and I'm always on! you probably just don't notice me lol. i usually talk to reborn or fun
  4. prcvl.duckyyy

    Need some suggestions. I just started watching anime.

    Attack Of Titan Sword Art Online Death Note Cowboy Bebop Initial D Depends on what you really wanna see, lol
  5. prcvl.duckyyy

    People leaving the server because it's lagging

    i thought it was just my internet, guess it really is happening. mine spikes up to 500-800 also.
  6. prcvl.duckyyy


    ohai, thereeeee. decided to register for the fun of it. anywho, i play source the most and i started playing on the 47 server. little background for source, i used to play competitively. started off at Cal-O and stayed there for awhile then got really into it and put on my try thongs and made it...