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  1. mbenson

    Free PlayStation 3 or 4 games

    Hey 47R brothers, Just wanted to spread some Christmas cheer. I got some free PS3 & PS4 games at my new job at Sony. Here's the list of games. To keep it fair, please request only one game per person (If there's any left over after the first picks, I'll relist them again for anyone to request...
  2. mbenson

    Returning to 47 Ronin Server & forum to play

    Hey old friends and new! I've been posting periodically in the last couple months especially during the holidays. Since I finally got a decent AMD CPU to replace my FX 8300 that failed last year, I'm coming back to play CSS & CS:Go. Looking forward to hanging out with my old homies from the...
  3. mbenson

    For Sale great price on SSD

    This is the best price I've seen for an SSD EVER!! Daily Deals, 1 Sale A Day
  4. mbenson

    Cool article about how the military is using gaming to train soldiers

    Will avatars keep soldiers fighting fit? - US news - Christian Science Monitor -
  5. mbenson

    World of Tanks MMO

    Hey if you like WWII tank games and MMO's this ones for you. I've been playing it with a couple buddies since the weekend. Best part is its free albeit addicting as any MMO. For you CoH fans, this is the next best thing to a CoH sequel. Also if we get enough peeps to join, we can create a 47r...
  6. mbenson

    How to make Mountain Dew glow in the dark

    A friend at work showed me this video which I totally have to share with yall. jp How to make Mountain Dew Glow in the dark. - YouTube
  7. mbenson

    Google's new site for Vets

    For those of you veterans in our clan (or just playing on our servers), please check out Google's Tools for Veterans and for their Families. You can post your stories, check for jobs for veterans and more. As always, thanks to all our veterans! jp, aka MBenson Google for Veterans and...
  8. mbenson

    Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!!

    Its the 236th Marine Corps birthday today. A special shout out to our 47r brothers who are or have served in the Marine Corps. You guys definitely live up to the creed Semper Fidelis. jp, aka MBenson
  9. mbenson

    Latest 47r-squad website statistics

    I checked out our website on - Website Analysis, just in the past week we've gone up 10% (56% in the previous 2 weeks)! I can only attribute it to all the hard work by Ice, Havoc and the team. Kudos to everyone for making our website ever more popular. Keep up the good work. 8)...
  10. mbenson

    The Walking Dead series season 2

    Who else is looking forward to the season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead Friday Oct 14th?!?!?
  11. mbenson

    Check out this gnarly video in this article about a great white attack in SouthAfrica

    Shark bites legs off swimmer who ignored alert - World news - Africa - when you compare the size of the shark with the rubber dingy close by, you get an idea of how large that mofo is!
  12. mbenson

    Zombies, Survivalists and the like

    So I know we have a lot of zombie killing players here but I wonder if we have any survivalist-minded peeps in our group? I personally can't get enough of survival books, games, movies and tv shows. So here's my list of favorite Survivalist stuff: Books: SAS Suvival Handbook, Survive...
  13. mbenson

    Nominate a soldier to win a Dell PC and thank you from all of us to those who serve f

    Nominate a soldier to win a Dell PC and thank you from all of us to those who serve for their service and sacrifice. Military Friends and Family My suggestion is we vote on who in our clan who are active that we we vote as a group to get them one of these free laptops. I'll start a...
  14. mbenson

    Nathaniel Fick: The Making of a Marine Officer book signing @Santa Clara Univ 9/23

    for those of you 47r and regulars in the bay area, one of my favorite military authors is doing a book signing this week. Nathaniel Fick is the author of One Bullet Away and is mentioned in Evan Wright's book, Generation Kill (same name as the HBO mini-series). If your interested, the event is...
  15. mbenson


    Has anyone watched the new contagion movie with Matt Damon? I saw the preview at the gym this week which was definitely interesting. anyone who has seen it, id love to hear your comments.
  16. mbenson

    Free solar chargers for active military serving in Iraq or Afghanistan

    Hey active members or friends/family of active members, If you are or know any friend or family member currently serving in Afghanistan or Iraq, Google is shipping for free a solar charger. Just message me their mailing address but I will need it before Friday this week. Its a nice way to...
  17. mbenson

    Lowest priced SSDs on!!! $49.00 after $10 rebate for a 60GB SSD - OCZ Vertex Plus OCZSSD2-1VTXPL60G 2.5" 60GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) im going to pickup one. maybe two.
  18. mbenson

    Warhammer RTS

    hey all, i just saw Warhammer is on sale today on steam. Just wondering who all plays this game. If there's enough peeps to form a game group like our Company of Heroes group, I'd be down to buy this game.
  19. mbenson

    Company of Heroes this week

    Who's up for some Company of Heroes? Im down to play tonight, Friday night or this weekend. The regular players in the past include: Suicide George, Fuzion, XhadoZero, Havoc and Greggo. Anyone interested in playing but does not have a copy, Suicide George or I can gift you a copy on...
  20. mbenson

    UNBANNED [supersaiyan]Straightjack3t STEAM_0:0:265685

    I banned him for a day after observing some questionable kills. I got a short video of him throwing a smoke from upper tuns to B and immediately shooting and killing someone thru the smoke like he knew he was there (i.e. wallhack). Dick Cheney said he got a video of the previous round of him...