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    the FUZZ.

    appears to be some bug/glitch ...idk ....maybe cause of new update?...No idea bruh...
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    I want to protect American Jobs he said.....

    Exclusive: Donald Trump's companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers| Reuters welp....
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    This is a first.....

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    sup xD
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    admin abuse

    For the record, I have never abused my adminship, I always have given a fair amount of warnings before taking action and I'm sure a lot of the regulars will confirm that. So why would I start now? and why with you ?
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    admin abuse

    I said what I had to say. Tbh this sound like more of a personal issue you have. I already told you sorry and if it hurt you that much, you could have just messaged me. Idk why you had to make it public.
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    admin abuse

    Apparently you quit, check logs if you want. I had no reason to kick you anyway.
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    admin abuse

    Um, Its a joke? How is that even admin abuse? I didnt slap you or kick you or ban you or gag you or burn you. People shit talk all the time. Not like its the first you heard someone say that. If you really are offended sorry. It was a joke. If you cant accept my apology, then I cant say...
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    Hey look its CS:GO on sale!! Time to quit !! ....Cheaters galore! here we come!! ....I'm done.
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    Chicken Noodles would like to join 47!

    You are forever stuck as Mark. xD....jk what Kam said :P
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    Who's at fault?

    Dumbasses -_-.....
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    Chicken Noodles would like to join 47!

    Video not found....T.T
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    m0E banned from

    I've never liked him anyway....@@...always like give me skins give me money give me this....whatever....
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    Chicken Noodles would like to join 47!

    Hence War 1 - 0 Chicken! ...duh!!
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    Chicken Noodles would like to join 47!

    You forgot Inferno already? Bad chicken!....I mean pad thai!