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    intense job interview tomorrow...

    well. i know this old friend that has like 100% track record for getting hired first day. she is a very credible and sophisticated PornStar. and if you want,maybe i could ask her a few pointers on gettin through it Quick and Painlessly? :spit:
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    Unban me

    the skeet is regular and have never seen do anything inappropriate. not sure why game would ban him. hope this can be resolved for him.
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    Hi Friends :)

    heyyyy. long time. glad to see you on here. :shame:;)
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    welcome. i remember siege. terrorists spawned in like a parking lot or something. god that was forever ago. :D
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    I want to protect American Jobs he said.....

    fyi. Gaspar voted in Arnold for governor. :rolleyes:
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    I want to protect American Jobs he said.....

    i remember my uncle saying the americans need a stern leader with balls. Bush was re-elected and look how that shit turned out. but im a canadian. what do i know. :P
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    hows everyone doing

    work. work some more...keep working....... THEN PARTY LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW!!!!!! :LOLguy:
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    This is a first.....

    double-murder suspect...DOUBLE-TAP motherfucker!!!! :saywhatagain:
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    leaving on vacation tomorrow!

    yikes. i was thinkin of going to PV in few months. maybe ill take a vacation in IRAQ instead. :confused::p
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    Check out this hottie. :)

    Seen on the chive. Wanted to share
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    Phoon for those of you who havent seen it

    hacking looks so fun. haha jk
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    first attempt at putting a rubber on

    ....and thats baseball for you.. more exciting to watch a fan put on a poncho than the game. haha :wegotabadass:
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    hey skeet. welcome to the forums. good to see you on here. i was addicted to cases too until i let myself get raped on CSGO Lounge.. maybe ill get a good skin from the new update and go Die Hard again. :D cya around.