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    San Deigo

    Hay fellow ronin's! Just hitting up server to say I'm gonna be in SD area on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 1st of 2020. Gonna meet upt with vanish and anyone else in the AO who is feeling froggy. Hit me up via text 602 339 9911
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    To me water your always a member..... # member for life
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    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    And thanks Hunter! He don't have the gray hairs in the pic but yeah it's all me!!! Hahahaha
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    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    Much love Doob!
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    NEWS The 47 Ronin Discord server!

    Yo guys I'm gonna be in SD area next week hit me up for a meet up... 6023399911
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    Am I too late.... Sup hunter
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    Galaxy s10+!

    i have the Note 9. Love it!
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    What are you playing now?

    I still have fun playing it every now and again when i have some free time.
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    Website back up!

    Looks good!
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    Moving on...

    Im alive but dont get on forums pretty much ever. Too busy with school and shit. I still talk to Ace, Vanish, Doob, Loco, Nightrider, and some others from time to time.
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    Either GO or Source would be good for me.... i voted GO as i rarely have played CSS in the last 3 years. But for a game night I would be willing to play any of the games I have..... CSS, CS:GO, PUBG
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    I found out the day after Christmas my friend from high school had just lost his 21 year old son to cancer. His son was diagnosed close to the same time that my mother who is 70 got diagnosed with cancer. 2 and a half years later my mother is cancer free and his son is dead. Really put life...
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    Happy Holidays to all Ronins

    Happy belated Christmas and Merry New Years!!!!!
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    Still alive :)

    Oh wow Snow! Damn I have missed a lot! Congrats on the new marriage! And sorry to hear about the wrists... yikes... sounds brutal! Hope your recovery and marriage is going well buddy!
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    Is hardening stainless steel necessary?

    My question is for what application would you want to use this for? If you were to need a harder material, would you not just buy one, for what reason would you want to put a stainless steel product into a furnace? If you did, is stainless steel in most applications coated to prevent rusting...