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    Sup Everyone!

    Hey brothers, long time no see. Came by to see who all is still around. 8)
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    E3 2017

    Aww I wish I could go. Haven't attended in 10 years!
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    Google Pixel

    Jorge, What's the software problem your having with your Nexus 5? I'm still sporting my Nexus until I can get my hands on a Pixel. JP
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    Google Pixel

    Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your Pixels. If you have any problems with it, feel free ask me for help (since I used to work on the Google Nexus & Pixel Community (!forum/phone-by-google) before jumping ship to Sony. I'm still active in the Nexus &...
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    Happy Belated Birthday S-Dawg!

    Happy Bday too, SD!
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    Free PlayStation 3 or 4 games

    tuco and fk, private message me your addresses. I'll send it via USPS snailmail. If it's only a few bucks for shipping cost, don't worry about it. MB
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    Free PlayStation 3 or 4 games

    FT, 8) MB
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    Free PlayStation 3 or 4 games

    Jorge, I'm working at the bridgeport campus off Hwy 92 in San Mateo. It's a tough commute from San Jose but the company and people are cool. MB
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    Free PlayStation 3 or 4 games

    Hey 47R brothers, Just wanted to spread some Christmas cheer. I got some free PS3 & PS4 games at my new job at Sony. Here's the list of games. To keep it fair, please request only one game per person (If there's any left over after the first picks, I'll relist them again for anyone to request...
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    Let's Spam!!!

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    Anyone care for a 47r Discord server?

    Sounds good!
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    Let's Spam!!!

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    Laid off at my work.

    sorry to hear about your getting laid off, yarr. i've been in that boat a few times myself. if you don't mind some advice, take a chance to relax and re-charge your batteries because before you know it you'll be working at a new job again. cheers, MBenson
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    Original Starcraft Comeback

    I've been playing SC2 with a friend who just got in the last month. Got to the point where he and I can take on Elite AI but havn't played against any human opponents. if anyone is interested in playing SC2 with us, message me.
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    For Sale NEXUS 5

    Any of you fellow nexus users have questions or problems with your nexus, a good place to check Nexus Help Forum (you can google it). Yours truly is the Google Expert in the forum. 8)