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    Valheim, who's playing?

    I picked it up but it's been super boring solo and none of my gamer buddies play it
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    What are you playing now?

    Apex legends pretty much. Still waiting for a game to knock my socks off again.
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    OFFICIAL 47R GAME NIGHT! 4/22/18!

    GGs all. Kept getting random source invites and didn't realize it was this.
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    Still alive :)

    Games like Fortnite and PUBG are the future of games right now. Fortnite is fun if played with a group and PUBG is a great game that's just run into a wall of issues.
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    Building a workstation with water cooling.

    Looks very good. I downgraded my system a couple months back to all air for the first time in years. So much easier to maintain.
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    Is hardening stainless steel necessary?

    If it's been forged in any way, it does become brittle to the point where it breaks under incredibly light force so yeah hardening in most purposes is very important.
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    Shame I sold off most of my PC parts. My brothers been mining with a couple 1070s and has brought in about $2500 since July
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    Destiny 2

    So just like most other games =P most of those complaints come from the no lifers that play all day every day. Game was fine. Now with a bigger dedicated team to pc it will be good.
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    Destiny 2

    Anyone going to pick it up for PC?
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    Vega Information here!

    Vega will be just another disappointment like the rest of the hyped up AMD stuffs.
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    2017 Camaro ZL1

    I'm riding the electric wave with a Tesla these days lol
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    2017 Camaro ZL1

    I had the original SS when they first came out. Was a comfortable ride. Traded up to the Corvette tho
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    I'm running 2 in my machine right now. Just no games to keep my interest to really put them to good use. Waiting for Asus to release their custom cards so I can replace these 2. Not a fan of the founders edition.
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    AMD Ryzen CPU

    They are decent work horses but Intel is still king
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    President Trump

    Something like 2.5 million Americans want to move to Canada. Trump has already opened up 2.5 million jobs to the American Citizens. Amazing.