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    NEWS Reporting in!

    Haha nothing like that @Hunter. I just run a small oem/aftermarket parts website with my cousins thats all
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    Sup guys. Still around and lurking the forums once in a while. Been busy with life and running my small company with cousins XD
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    Moving on...

    Whatttttt???????????????????? They're making a Gundam Breaker game for the PC?? Where was this announced and how did I miss that?? @phokyu Lol for sure man :D PI might visit Korea next year. Havent gone back in a while so its time to go back soon.
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    World Cup

    Watched the game Korea vs Germany and I gotta say it was unexpecting for us to win that match lol too bad S.Korea got knocked out tho. The Japan match was kinda sad too... cant believe they threw the 2-0 lead into 2-3 and lost
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    Moving on...

    Been busy as well with work and running a small company with my cousins out in Korea and in the State side. CSS and GO pretty much got boring for me and the wife wanted to play different game together. Im still on League of Legends (ID: Wongtongstyle) or Overwatch. Playing with the car more now...
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    Next Ronin Cluster Fuck on Source

    Hey Kami had my number before :P
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    Anyone have a Galaxy S9+?

    Im waiting on the Note9 deal this summer and pull the trigger for it. I played with the S9+ and I gotta say its a great phone if you don't have an S8 or S8+. Definitely the phone gotten taller and not wider so thats a bit bummer for me.
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    Next Ronin Cluster Fuck on Source

    Oh dam I missed it :( Gotta remember to log into Steam and download Source again.
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    Eh I wish lol like Loco said the startup cost isnt worth it and at the rate BTC is going I don't see it jumping back up like it was doing 2017. Korea is already halting trade and there's been more wallet hacking...
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    PINNED The 47 Ronin all times stats!

    Lol im surprise some of you guys were keeping tabs of it XD If we ever get a CSS server going just letting you know I'm aiming for #1 again
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    Bah! @Hunter lol I know I been following it lately. Man that 2 BTC could really be handy about now :P
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    Still alive :)

    Glad you're doing better Ice! Yea the new games lately haven't been much of a team game per say. I havent gotten PUBG till all the bugs are addressed.
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    What happened to our forum design?

    I was going to say did we not pay for our forums?? XD
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    Happy Holidays to all Ronins

    Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you guys had a great holidays.
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    Lol Hunter don't rub it in XD Im so salty how I sold my 2 bitcoins I had when it first was getting known... Sold my 2 bitcoins for $50 each wish I still kept it now :( And screw mining these crypto-currency... things are getting almost impossible to mine it now and the amount of investment that...