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    few of my cars

    i do not get to drive them as mutch as i want to i have a superduty f 250 as my daily driver thats the only reason they still have tires on them lol.oh trust me my cars all need to be jumped off and the oil changed i am the average joe that a car whore
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    Anyone live near Portland, Seattle, Spokane/Moscow?

    the east coast is full of welder jobs there are tons of ports and bases construction is booming im working for a company based outa cali but expanded to the east coast i have certified welder freinds makeing on the low end 27 $ an hour to 110$ an hour there is a ton of jobs within a hour or 2...
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    The Awesome Porsche 918 - Top Gear - Series 21 - BBC

    nice porsche nailed it
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    few of my cars

    it might be i love to turbo a car i use timer delays to eliminate lag i do have a 671 blower i was going to put on the vette but it would be sticking over the roof i have to modify the motor mounts so the 454 will clear the hood that why its raised in the pic i can tell you my fav ride i own...
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    yhea ice gtr has no equal it has a wow factor plus you will not have to clean your ears its louder than the lfa
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    i have been in some very fast cars before and i can tell you the gtr is hella fast from stock the launch of the awd caused me to chip my tooth i was not ready i had a chance to drive one just to expensive to maintain if they break get a wrx instead
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    on the east coast were i live street legal mean's turn signals all lights working and basic safety check some emmisions if they apply if 30 years or older no inspections
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    few of my cars

    yhea the vette i replaced the 327 and put a 454 in it with the side pipes the mustang is a 331 afr heads lunatti cam has updated six speed 355 gears probe stroker kit with a 33 spline axel 9 inch and areomotive 255 fuel pump its run high tens low elevens at the strip i had a newer zo6...
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    few of my cars

    my mustang 331 stroker my xtype jag my 300zx my 76 sting ray
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    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    just back from miami
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    last of us was bad ass i thought anyway i sold my ps3 it was a better system than my xbox 360 imo
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    LL CooL jtCheeKz

    welcome to the forums
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    I'm Autoraider

    welcome auto
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    Dying Light?

    i liked the game i have it on the xbox one but yhea not mutch replay value i paid top dollar for it and dont feel i got my moneys worth out of it on the other hand evolve i thought was pretty cool