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    What are you playing now?

    I'm playing APEX legends Anthem and FFXIV. Going to be buying Metro soon. Been waiting for that to release. Love those games.
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    Well dude hmu! We gotta play!
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    WHOA ACE! WHATS UP DUDE! Lets play some blackout?
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    NEWS Reporting in!

    Emon!! <3
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    OFFICIAL 47R GAME NIGHT! 4/22/18!

    Sounds good!
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    47r Discord Server

    Here is the discord invite. If you don't have discord it's free to download an a really good app for communities. I think this will make it easier for the community to stay connected since its easier to just check the channel.
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    Yeahhh lets do it :D Btw, can we just make a discord to organize this easier? :D
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    WoW Vanilla 47r Guild

    When WoW Vanilla releases I wanna play it. I never played it when I was younger, the thought crossed my mind checking the forums so I think this would be a fun idea. even if its in the future.
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    Moving on...

    I'm still here, I come in and check almost weekly just to see whats new. I still game hard now a days. I got real competitive in Overwatch for a while, made top500 and GM for a few seasons, then I cut back to focus more on school. I graduate in about a year in Computer Forensics. I stream but...
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    Is it worth it now? XD!
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    47 Ronin Bitcoin Mining group

    You guys should have joined when I came up with the idea in the first place ;) We would all be rolling in that money right now.
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    Just say Hi to all Ronins

    Heya :D
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    Anyone interested in a new CS:S server?

    Seriously! They are only 6$ a month to rent with a 20% discount code I got. I have no problem paying that if anyone is interested.
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    Happy Birthday Fuzion!

    Whoa whoa whoa! Thanks a lot guys :D I turned 30 this year o.o, I should have stopped by on here just to check in and I havn't in a while. A little update on everything though in case anyone is interested. 2014 I got out of the military and took a job oversea's for a year 2015 job oversea's...
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    Happy Birthday Built4Win!

    Happy Belated Birthday!