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    Poll Pokemon Go - Which of you nerds is playing it?

    Did not pick a team, did catch a pikachu though
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer

    Been waiting 20 damn years for this square better do it right
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    Post your results!

    I upgraded to the 105 Speedblast from comcast and am only still pulling 35,..... GAY!!
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    Laptop with External GPU

    Tried it with 290x on my pavilion and resulted in frying tge card I had purchased for my desktop build was not happy :/ In other words dont do it
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    Thickest Cock

    Lol na 21.3 is the current record holder
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    All Married/engaged males please read.

    Grats in the nuptials
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    PINNED The 47 Ronin Picture thread!

    BB, You sure do know how to do the selfie thing well And fer good measure my own excuse the baldness
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    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    It's really not that great the amount of Shit I have had to deal with over the last year and a half for what I make an hour isn't worth it. But its better then being unemployed
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    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    I work at a toy store :/
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    Poll Vote to reduce flashes to 1 per person, per round

    Hey man you can't win every day
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    Poll Vote to reduce flashes to 1 per person, per round

    Cause of the aimbot.exe :P
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    What are you listening to now?

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    Archage release tuesday

    I am playing on ollo, gonna play with my IRL Devin, I haven't create a character yet though.
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    September 11, 2001, The 47 Ronin Remembers!

    I had just graduated from HS. Starting my freshman year of college. remember the school clothes and Beale AFB. Shutting and locking the base down, we still lived on base.