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    Random pictures thread!

    Saw this and had to post it
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    My recent 3D art work.

    very impressed love the Detail put into it
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    5 Things you hate most!

    1. People who lack sarcasim 2. Disrespectful people 3. Morning wood 4. Onions 5. Pointless video games like *minecraft*
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    Only because you asked

    spec the peps at the top of the list and learn the way the gun fires thats what i did ;D
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    BANNED Serious Disrespect to Ronin

    either that or my manly speedo :D put that bad boy on and play some LMFAO!!!!! show them how to wiggle! :D
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    BANNED Serious Disrespect to Ronin

    reminds me of the guys in to GO server rippin on me :D but i owned the hell out of em so i let is slide :D
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    Pre-order Borderlands 2 for only $36!

    my son already pre ordered it through game stop i told him that if he gets it for pc to install on mine since his pc isnt good enough to play it. ;D so i pretty much got a free copy
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    Request Unban Ban Appeal

    did u give us the right steam id?
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    i prefer awp knife :D scout is to easy to shoot nozoomed :P but welcome to the forums
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    GO issue

    wasnt me havent been on :( broke my mouse today
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    so i never played guild wars but i was looking to get it. but before i do i need opions on how the game is played and how much fun it is. i heard its not a pay monthly 1 like WoW so i can get more interested in it and play it longer.
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    26 slots or 32 slots?

    i prefere 32 but then people get stuck so i think 26 or even 28 if possible would be perfect