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    BANNED xerocool - spray & abusive

    How did xerocool get a pic of eNikXe's family reunion?
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    Back from honeymoon! pics inside ;)

    Holy crap that looks amazing! God that makes me want to take a cruise so bad, they should pay you for advertisement, all I can think about is going on a cruise now. Good pics and it looks like you had an amazing time, thanks for posting.
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    Random pictures thread!

    Wow that sith lord one is really funny and so terrible. I feel like a bad person.
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    Anyone else going retro?

    I use to use a CRT up until two years ago. It was old and used for like 6 years so the color was shitty and everything was faded. I am afraid of buying one a goodwill for that reason but I do want one.
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    Hockey Jerk

    Ouch that guy is brootal in his shirt selection. I don't know much about hockey but I smell the greatest playoff comeback ever when Van wins four in a row.
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    What are you listening to now?

    M83 comes to Seattle more than rain. I have seen him twice so far and I might check him out again in two weeks. Great concerts.
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    Why I miss living in the USA...

    Don't give up man. I believe in you, I believe you can stay on dip like a badass. Quitting is for losers you should double the amount you dip like a winner.
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    The Non-Sense section of the Non-Sense zone.

    14 years go I bet ppl had stacks of 3.5 floppy porn.
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    Why I miss living in the USA...

    Hell yeah Colonies! 5 bucks for a tin of the grizznasty
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    I know its a lil late but i been busy :D

    Yeah bumpskis big time.
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    Kidney Stone Removal Surgery- donations!

    Yes, a lot of people blame the chemical that makes your teeth feel funny in the creation of kidney stones. Oxalic acid or something like that. Spinach teeth is why I stopped eating raw spinach but I guess its also is bad for your kidneys too. I guess I need to in take more water. Water3 meat...
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    Draw something

    Yeah my name is "feastonthat" I just barely got the game like a couple of days ago. Love it. I draw what i need to and then add the penis' afterwards.
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    Happy Birthday Snowman!

    Happy Birthday Snowmom
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    BANNED Mattcova84

    Yeah I was there and can confirm.
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    Eat One Doob. Proof Son!

    No Nightmare, I am the Indian chick...