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    Miss ya, buddy. I hope you are well.

    Miss ya, buddy. I hope you are well.
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    civil servant!!!!

    I'm good, guys. Thanks for the support. My recovery has been just short of miraculous. We'll call it "very good". Keep on gaming. This is a community...a family. I hope everybody finds as much love here as I have. Peace.
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    I'm Back! :D

    Yes...I seem to recall a young Jedi named wary...the Force in this one strong it is.
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    Gone for A month

    How in the world can "returning to Gulfport" be good news???
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    back after 2-4 years

    Welcome back, Todd. I've enjoyed chatting with you on FB over your time away from the community here...especially during the recent Niners vs. Seahawks game....which the Niners forgot to show up for. You are no longer the child we all knew and...err...mcloved? I know you'll make us all proud...
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    Say What Again!

    "English, Motherfucker, do you speak it?" was my ringtone for text messages received on my phone for quite a while. I changed it when the little kid behind me in the grocery store line repeated the phrase. Now it is, "Does he look like a bitch?"
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    Hey guys back in the gaming situation

    Welcome back, Sir.
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    Craigslist find

    My Craigslist find of 1000 free jock straps was WAY better than this. Hey, they were new and most of them were in the original packaging!
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    Hi all

    Sorry to hear of your recent virtual celibacy. Welcome back to the land of Online Multi-porn. Now, get some.
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    We are the Ronin:

    Thanks guys. I remember writing this but I'd forgotten just how much love and care I'd put into it. The Ronin, the 47 plus or minus, those that have fought, those fight, and those fighters yet to stand with us...are family recognized by those values we share moreso than by the blood we may...
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    Chariots of Fur. A game I made in 48 hours, check it out!

    I read "Chariots of Fur" and thought...err, never mind what I thought. Freya is So Hot! So, I got a chance to play and it's kind of addicting. 48 hours? Pretty awesome. I'm totally thinking xbox kinect or even mobile. Pretty cool, Bardler. BTW. "Freya is So Hot!" seems maybe a bit out of...
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    EVGA 2013 Scavenger Hunt Links & Answers!

    Thank you, IcEWoLF! I had a problem with getting to the questions but it was due to an extension I recently installed for Google Chrome called "HTTPS Everywhere". Now I am in like Flynt and look forward to winning fabulous prizes.
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    Random pictures thread!

    He is Doctor Who (the Eleventh actor to assume the role). He travels through time and space in a sort of a jalopy What he does there, or then, I haven't a clue. It's British sci-fi storytelling at it's...Well, all I can say is that it's British, okay? I'd much rather see Monty Python., Benny...