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    I'm Autoraider

    Auto here...I repo cars in the LA area. started new company a couple of years ago...its a struggle to say the least. I live and work from the san fernando area...I have a son who is an IT for a law firm in LA with offices all over the country. I have a Daughter in new zealand who works with...
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    We are the Ronin:

    I love the message...Do you (RONIN CLAN) stand by this...I do see a lot of....well not the best behavior in CSGO server...words are just that...does RONIN really stand up to this post....if so, I would like to be apart of that.
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    Month of March Donations

    I thought this would be a great place to bring it up since this problem has made me think again about donating to the hacking as much as they say...and I experience...the cross hair hack is the one used in your server the most...I used to be admin and I was watching every...
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    Month of March Donations

    I'm looking for a home...I used to be with PTC in source...they are no more, so I have been I got kicked because I said behind you to some one and another person (ADMIN) turned around got killed and I then got I want to be apart of that...Whats the deal